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Strange Things Happening If We Watch A Horror Movie Or Paranormal Show Or Even Talk About It

What is it?  Is it me? We moved into our house almost 5 years ago.  After about 2 years, strange things started happening.

My cat got very sick and almost died. It was a very stressful time. Two nights in a row I was awakened by 4 knocks. The third night our overhead bedroom light came on. On/of for the next 2+ years the bedroom light would come on by itself, the dishwasher ran by itself, we had countless issues with the garage door, the refrigerator “the door is open” alarm would go off, the dryer would turn itself on and off, the fire alarms went off on a couple of occasions (and stopped when I yelled at them), and my favorite, the burglar alarm has gone off a couple of times for no reason.

I noticed these events seemed to get worse if we watched a horror movie or paranormal show or even talked about the issue inside the house.

We once had a mysterious circular patch of water show up on the carpet upstairs with no earthly explanation.

A friend of mine thinks it could be me.

I also had a motion censor light go on for no apparent reason in a hotel room where my husband and I were watching Celebrity Ghost stories.

That said, the issues have also occurred when we’re not home (pet sitter had things turn on/off). Pet sitter also heard what sounded like something crawling around in our cabinets.

Things have been VERY quiet the past 6-8 months except for our alarm going off recently with no explanation.

Again, we don’t talk about it, watch horror flicks or anything dealing with the paranormal.

My cat is also doing much better now – he had serious issues for over a year.

Any clue what on earth this is? It’s an eerie feeling being in my house – don’t feel in danger, but don’t feel alone.

Asked by Marie Naidas

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Hi Marie,

I am very happy to hear the cat is better. Unless you are menopausal and out of control emotionally, its not you. Whatever was visiting was still around when you were away .. and the hotel light might have just been a co-incidence, or a different ghost.

I am never a fan of horror movies, for three reasons .. 1) they are generally a load of nonsense with lots of violence 2) they put ideas in people’s heads that never go away .. and 3) they create a lot of energy .. some people laugh, most are either frightened, horrified or feel sick watching them. I don’t know which category you fit into, but any of the negative emotions feed any ghosts, and other entities, floating around you. Since ghosts feed on negative energy they want you to be frightened, or anger works too .. yelling is good. It’s an expression of frustation, if nothing else, another negative emotion. It’s all dinner to them. And discussing them .. you know what people are like, everyone loves to listen in to other’s conversations – particularly if they are invisible and you are talking about them. 🙂 Suddenly its “I’m here!” and the lights do something weird.

By not watching the movies, and not talking about the situation – which is obviously upsetting, you are not feeding the entity as much, so they might wander off to somewhere where they can get what they want. That’s good for you and your family, but not for whomever the entity has moved in with. So I will suggest something ..

This request is very basic and often works really well ..

“Archangel Michael, please find the ghost that used to (describe some of the things it did) and take it into healing”. That gives your angel permission to get another Michael to go and find whoever, or whatever, it was, and put a stop to the problems it is creating.

If the ghost is still in the house, it will be crossed into heaven. The eerie feeling should vanish, and your sense of calm return. If it has moved house, it will be found.

And then go to the bottom of this page and take note of the Michael Invocation and the White Light Shields and learn those, or at least keep them around for next time it happens. Other ghosts come and go, once a ghost is in healing it isn’t the same being anymore – so nothing to worry about there. Generally ghosts don’t mean harm, they are just lost, lonely, hungry and confused .. but some are just as nasty in death as they were in life. Yours sounds like it just wanted attention. The best kind is the stuff that sets it free.

Love & Peace

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