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Why Was There Blood On My Pillow?

I have a serious question. I hope you understand what I mean and can answer.

Today, I woke up with a side of my pillow covered with blood. I checked myself and all the things that it could possibly be, in a woman’s case, and found nothing. I was not bleeding from anywhere on my body, face, or anywhere. I live alone and all of my dogs were fine as well. Any ideas?

Also I have this constant feeling of anxiousness. I realize this could very well be medical, but I have these feelings often. When I get a feeling, something happens, rather it’s good or bad.

I have dreams that have come true and I am involved in the occult. I find hand prints in the shower and on the wall next to my bed, too big to be my own. The radio, TV, and alarm clock come on on their own and I have the constant feeling of being watched (Not like George Orwell paranoid, but you get the idea.)

Can you suggest any possible causes? I am open to any answers not involving the paranormal as well.

I am not afraid of what is going on, but I do need an explanation.

Asked by Kokoro

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Hi Kokoro,

When you say you are involved in the occult what do you mean?

How much blood was there? How big an area? How do you know it was blood and not something else? Sorry .. got to ask.

The constant feeling of being anxious could just be normal life stuff (stress), it could be you have a ghost in the house, it could be your solar plexus chakra is over-active, a little Reiki would help there ..

Are you describing having premonitions? They can appear in dreams. The sense of anxiety can come from seeing the ‘dream’ actions appearing, without realising it consciously. Do you keep a dream diary beside your bed, if not get one and write everything you remember from the dreams in it ‘before’ you put your feet on the floor in the morning. Date the entries. They will come in handy to go back and check to compare the dream with the event.

Now .. scroll to the bottom of this page. Read the Michael Invocation page and use it to clear your home of anything that is hanging around that is not there for your greater good .. and then see if your anxiety calms down. The White Light Shields are also helpful, learn them and use them.

After you answer the other questions I’ll answer the rest.

Love & Peace

I have experienced the same thing had a nice relaxing bath with candles incense and laid down on my bed afterwards and when I got up I found blood on my pillow I checked myself over so did my boyfriend I was not bleeding from anywhere I have done a spiritual cleanse in my house and have cleansed my pentagram dream catchers everything spiritual.
I am worried because my friend did something bad in my house a few years ago opened a bad portal but we vanished what came out.
But I’m just worried that something could be sending a msg I have had a dream that I have been bleeding dripping with blood & my dog..
and my grandmother had a dream the same night that someone was trashing my house and I had a person I knew by the name of Chris in my house and I don’t know a Chris.
Please let me know if you think this could be a coincidence

I woke up Easter morning with blood on my pillow, the amount was about a shot glass full that had membrane, like a menstrual blood in it. I’m 58 years old, I have not had a period in quite some time, and I have no cuts or open wounds on my body. I took off the one pillow case, I did take a photo of the pillow and the other pillow case, I wished I had taken of the top, The blood was very fresh and bright red. I have no idea why this happen, I live alone and just purchased this place last year in July, I cleansed the house with sage incense everywhere in before moving in. I also experienced prior of a small plastic storage bin that had all my boots in it and was on a wire shelf in my walk-in closet, I came home and found it on the floor which I thought was very strange because there was no way it could have fallen, about a week later I was downstairs making coffee in the morning and I heard this huge bang, I ran upstairs and found the same container with my boots on the floor in my walk in closet. And for the last occurrence that has happened, they after Easter my daughter and I went out of town for a few days, upon leaving we both checked my back door and make sure it was locked, we came home the back door both locks were unlocked, I know for a fact the doors were locked.
I am the third owner of this two-story condo, I’m located right off the intercoastal and Palm Coast Florida. The last person that lived here was a single lady that had a lot of family stress and issues, that is why I decided to cleanse the house before moving to get rid of any bad juju, I have heard that there was an elderly couple that Lived here and the old man had passed away, I’m not sure if he died in the house or not.
Any exclamation these occurrences or suggestions of removing this spirit I would be extremely grateful
Thank you,

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