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Have I invited Or Created Something Sinister To My Home?

To answer my question I must first give you some detailed background. I have never been afraid of anything, nothing at all. The supernatural fascinated me and whilst I believe I have seen a few anomalies I never would have believed that I was being haunted. About 5 years ago I moved from a rather creepy old flat into a brand new built property in a nice enough area. I instantly fell in love with the place and thought myself to be blessed that I was lucky enough to end up with such a property. From the start this place was very much a place of comfort to me, until a friend of mine started to refuse to stop here alone. She was a little jumpy and I played on her fears slightly. She kept saying that she had heard things moving around and refused to sit in the living room unless the door was completely shut. Apparently there was a black figure on the stairs from time to time. Being a bit paranoid my friend became extremely jumpy. I knew the house was settling, it had only been built in the last year and even the plaster in the walls wasn’t fully dried out. But her fear gave me a rather funny idea. What started off as a joke has now become something real.

At first I would regale with tales of the shadow man. It was funny, people would hear the floors creaking and I would say. “SHHHHHHH, can you hear him…?” it was a joke but people fell for it. Pretty soon people came here to experience my ghost. I’d laugh as the mass hysteria took effect and people would see shadows and curtains moving. A short time after I started to think maybe there was something in the house. I began to hear bangs in rooms that were vacant and doors would open on their own. I had a light blow in my downstairs bathroom, for 3 months I could not get a bulb to work in it, then one evening during a girly wine night my friend came in and congratulated me on fixing the light, I discovered that the light was once again working and the original charred blown bulb was illuminating my bathroom once again. Very strange. Non the less it wasn’t scary stuff happening. On the occasional morning I would wake to find the bathroom taps on full blast and my children started to tell me small tales of toys moving and windows closing/opening on their own. But as I say I found this amusing.

Things took a turn for the sinister when I met my now partner almost 3 years ago. I had officially creeped him out with stories of my home but nothing could prepare me for the things that would begin to happen. The mimic was the 1st incident, I had been upstairs in my bathroom applying make up when I heard him talking to me. He has a distinctive accent so I knew it wasn’t noise from outside on my street. I replied to him and he said nothing, annoyed I went out the bathroom and demanded to know what he wanted but he was nowhere to be seen. Calling him I realized he was in the living room downstairs so I went down to ask why he asked a question then walked off before waiting for an answer. He looked confused and told me he hadn’t said anything and had been in the living room the entire time I had been upstairs. I questioned him determined he was playing silly games but he maintained his innocence. I chalked it up to being tired or over worked and thought nothing of it. Two weeks later I came home to find all my lamp shades had been taken down and lined up in my hallway. Having the only set of keys I was very confused, my friend suggested they possibly fell down which is possible, however the shades had come from rooms with closed doors which would mean they dropped in the middle of the room, appeared through a door, rolled down the landing, down the stairs then arranged themselves in the hallway right in front of the front door. That is IMPOSSIBLE!

A toy train set mystically set itself up in front of my sons bedroom door, this prevented us from getting in his room, and a box with trainers refused to stay on top of my wardrobe one afternoon when my boyfriend was home alone. I lovingly nicknamed my spookyfriend “Fred” It made him seem less imposing, however this is when he decided to step his game up. We began seeing moving shadows, I was constantly at the opticians but my sight was fine no peripheral problems at all. One evening I was typing up a report for a course I was doing when I had this unnerving feeling that I needed to get out of my living room. I packed up my things and switched off all the lights and proceeded up my stairs. Suddenly I felt a wave of anxiety and heat, I turned to my left to see a huge black mass move past me. It was as tall as the ceiling and so dark I could not see through it, it flew into my downstairs bathroom and the door slammed behind it. Needless to say I completely freaked out, I ran upstairs and locked myself into my room. When I went down to investigate a time later, the door was open and the light was on. I decided not to mention the incident to my children or anyone other than my partner, I didn’t want to be seen as a nutter. Just wanted to forget about it. A month went by and things seemed fine, until my son came down to me one evening and asked where “Fred” had gone. (We had never mentioned freed to him) I asked “Fred who?” and he said the man who came to play sometimes and always did silly things to our lights. My blood ran cold!!! I’m getting chills now even thinking about it.I told him he was mistaken and sent him back off to play, but I was confident”Fred” must have vacated my house.

It was 3 eeeks to Xmas and I was performing a huge clean up of my house, my children were upstairs and I was elbow deep in rubber gloves scrubbing out my kitchen cupboards. The house was very quiet and I was thinking that was strange until I heard what sounded like a very feral cat screeching upstairs. Almost instantly I heard my son screaming in terror, I ran up to him thinking my daughter was tormenting him until he came running out of our bathroom and she stepped out of my room. My son was hysterical talking about the black monster who frightened him in the bathroom. I knew what he had seen and I froze, My daughter was being her blasé self walked to the bathroom door and went white, slowly she shut the door and we ran down the stairs. A huge black oval had been hovering over the sink and it was shaking. It was enough to send up doo lally. Holed up in my living room we slept there that night, but it became apparent we were not going to be able to stay there until I could figure out how to stop the problems. I stopped with a family member and consulted with a priest who told me to take back control of my home by blessing my home, using olive oil and salt. Finally I was to put a rosary in the most communal area which was the hallway to my home.

We did this and moved back in, that was when the nightmares started. Dreams about a black oily mass coming under the doors trying to get me. The incidents in the home soon died down but I have constantly felt a hatred aimed at me. Chairs still move around my house of their own accord, we hear people walking the stairs. My daughter hears me talking to her when I’m not in the house, we still see the shadows. The telly goes off on its own when I’m watching it. An old static radio went off one night at full volume, it hadn’t been plugged in since I lived here so that was frightening. To me the house feels uncomfortable and nothing I do helps. I am frightened, I can’t deny this but I can’t move from my home. We are all scared to be alone and I feel responsible for this.

Did I do this to us, or was there always something here and my stories have given it the strength to become a much more dominating force in my Home. Lastly how can I change this, how do we get our home back?

Asked by Issabelle enigma

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Hello Issabelle

The short answer is ‘yes’ you helped make the situation worse. You invited in friends to feed the entity their energy .. they love attention .. and when they don’t get it, when your friends backed off .. they can get rather grumpy. You even gave the entity a ‘name’. If it is a ghost, it might have been ‘Fred’ in life and you picked up on that, if it is something worse, in a way you gave it permission to be in the house.

I am thinking there might be a ‘portal’ either in the house – in the bathroom .. since you said you have a black oval there .. or under it. In the bathroom, was the oval in front of the mirror? When you blessed the house, did you bless all the mirrors individually?

What was built on the land before your house was there? Was there another building? The sounds you hear might come from the memory of that building, since the blessing is keeping whatever it was out of the house.

How to clear the house .. go back to the priest and ask him to visit and bless the house, just to start with. If he refuses, which they often do .. at the bottom of this page is the Michael Invocation, which can be used to clear all sorts of entities out of the house. There is also a link to White Light Shields. I suggest you learn both shields and use them, and teach them to the kids and your partner. Read the instructions, they are easy to create and very effective.

Then tell me how things are …

The problem with being amused by the unseen is that we amuse them too. They feed on human energy, fear being the most ‘tasty’ to them. They drain our energy, attempt to isolate us from our friends, and can cause no end of trouble for the living. There are entities out there that are not friendly to the living .. a ghost is only a lesser problem in comparison to some that can come.

Right now I think you have ghosts and a door that needs closing. Close all the mirrors by drawing the Christian cross in front of each .. water will do, or oil. You do this three times in a row, with the intent of ‘closing’ the mirror. You can say a prayer over it .. the Lord’s prayer or Psalm 23 is often used. You can even wash the mirror afterwards .. your ‘intent’ is important here. Stand strong and just do it, or ask the priest to. Every mirror, including the compact in your purse if you have one. It will close the door. And then get on with life. You can’t change what happened .. we all make mistakes .. but just be careful in future. Ghosts are all around us, all the time .. and sometimes they follow us home.

Love & Peace

Thank you, we have been living in abject terror. I will take your advice and close all the mirrors. I never thought of it as feeding it until it dawned on me how much activity had occurred since I had hyped it all up. Thank you for your advice.

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