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I am the third child out of four sisters or shall I said I am the middle child which ever you may call it. I am the third born. I love my sisters but I feel like I don’t belong. I feel like we are from different world when I am around them I feel out of place not like I feel I am more than what they are but just like I don’t fit in like I don’t belong and it have me feeling crazy because I always fill out of place when we all are together and I always could tell when my mother is sick doing the night because I feel everything she is going through and feeling and her pains and when I call her the next day to let her know I know whats going on with her she hangs up the phone just like before my uncle died I seen it and I have spoken to him and when my son was over in Afghanistan I felt what was going on with my son and when he got home he told me he almost drown I was sitting at my desk at work and all at once my body couldn’t move on the left side and my mouth came full of water and he explain to me what had happen but I knew he was in trouble.

Three years ago I lost my sister the one before me her and I was very closed and I knew she was going to died because the night before she called for me to come and she her the next day and when I went and after I left the house my mother called me and told me my sister had just passed to me she was waited to see me before she went to the other side. And right now my mother have cancer she tells my sisters what she want them to know but I know how bad it is without her telling me so what she do is she don’t call me as often as she do because she know I can pick up on whats doing on with her my sisters tells me that I don’t know what I am talking about but I am not crazy and I am always feeling like I am searching for something I love to read about spiritual realm, angels and spirits I feel I am draw to these things its something they wants me to know and learn more about but I don’t know where to start I am a person I learn someone through there spirit and the vibe I get from them if I get a bad vibe than its a bad spirit and when someone have a bad spirit that comes around me I know it before they even get close to me I could feel them when they walk into the room.

Please help me because sometime I feel like I am going crazy because I don’t understand myself and whats going many time I find myself looking into the mirror and talking to myself and answering myself as well but it always tells me you are not talking to yourself so don’t think you are crazy all I know is that I am different than my other sisters but I don’t know why and how to find out what or who am I? I felt that I been here before its like I am another person I am not myself its like I am living another person life. please help me

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Hello DD,

You are not going crazy. “Knowing” things about other people is called claircognisance .. sensing things, clairsentience .. being able to tell when a person is ill .. you could be a Medical Intuitive .. you can look all these gifts up on the internet and learn more about them.

Not feeling you belong in your family is actually not unusual. Sometimes we choose to be born among strangers. If you believe in Reincarnation this will make more sense than if you don’t. We are usually born within the same group of people each lifetime, playing different roles with each other (eg my daughter was my mother at least once, which she reminds me of occasionally 🙂 ). My mother in this lifetime, and I, were both nuns in the same convent in another lifetime. I have friends that are ‘family’, and have been family in other lives, although we might have only just met each other again a few years ago .. If you have ever had the experience of meeting someone and feeling like you have known them forever, it might be true. Humanity is on a continuous cycle of birth, death and rebirth, whether we want to believe it or not. .. and sometimes we choose to be born into a group that feels so foreign we wonder what happened?? It’s all about life-lessons, which is a very complicated subject. And you are not alone in that ..

Looking in the mirror and talking to myself .. actually, I do more ‘talking to myself’ under the shower and hearing answers .. literally hearing them (clairaudience), or seeing images in my mind (clairvoyance) in answers to questions for myself or others .. its all normal. And we are not alone in our lovely gifts. There are millions of people, in every culture in the world, that have these gifts .. or challenges, because sometimes it is a challenge to be different in a group of what appears to be normal people.

So .. take a step back from your family, take a deep breath and relax. Join the fun. Are you on facebook? You can look me up .. Ama Nazra .. say hi. You will find the majority of my ‘friends’ are just like you and I, to varying degrees.

And your mum .. mothers can be so difficult at times. If you can give her a hug in reality, give her as many as possible. Don’t tell her you know more than she’s willing to share, because she probably needs that sense of privacy, just show her you love her, or tell her! because that will do more good than you can possibly imagine.

And then there’s the angels. We all have a guardian angel standing behind our right shoulder from the group governed by Archangel Michael. Their role is to protect us spiritually. Occasionally they can protect us physically, but, unless we give express permission before we come into the world, and we don’t know that, don’t test the theory. What you could do is sit down somewhere quietly .. if you meditate you could do it during that activity .. and ask your guardian to tell you its name. The first name that pops into your mind will be right, so don’t double-guess yourself. Or it might pop into your mind as you read this. That’s good too. Otherwise call it Michael, but if you think it appears female, they will answer to Michelle as well.

Bad spirits .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the links through to the Michael Invocation and the other is White Light Shields. The instructions are on the webpages .. they are always helpful.

Love & Peace

DD, my one sister that was the second daughter, third born, also felt that way. She never felt that she belonged to our family.
I have had the feelings that things were going to happen before they did. My daughters accident years ago. when her step daughter was killed. also when my grandson was in Iraq and I saw on the news where a convoy that was headed to a major city in Iraq and some vehicles were blown up, right away I knew that my grandson was a part of that convoy, even though they were not allowed to share any information about their actions at the time. Later I heard from my daughter that my grandson’s vehicle was blown up by a road side bomb, but he walked away. So I think some of us have that ability to feel things that are going to happen. It scares the heck out of my daughter and she doesn’t want to hear from me before hand, because they usually happen.