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Smell Of Cigarette

I was lying in bed and all at once I had a strong smell of cigarette. The scent was Salem and only one person I remember who used to smoke that kind was my old high school sweetheart father who have passed many many years ago.

Then all I remember myself telling him I will not walk away from him my high school sweet heart have cross path with each other last years after 32 years and its now one year that we been back into each other life but at time he do stupid things that hurts me and I just want to walk away from him.

I feel I had this and it was a sign from his father please help me I know how these things work I just would like to know what was the meaning of it. Thanks

Asked by donna

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Hello Donna,

How often are you smelling the smoke? If it was only once it could be any ghost. If it happens, or happened, a couple of times, it might be the father .. and you might have had a conversation in your subconscious mind, with the ghost .. but just because your high school sweetheart’s father doesn’t want you to walk away from a man who is hurting you, does not mean that you don’t do this if the situation is too painful to manage. They have no right to dictate, or for that matter, even make the request. And it might not even be the man (ghost) you think it is ..

What I would do is use the Michael Invocation to clear yourself and your home, which will remove any ghosts, and if your ‘visitor’ is the spirit of your sweetheart’s father, then ask him to come to your dreams and Clearly give you a message, rather than this possibility of one. If you need that before making the decision, you should have it within a week or so.

The link to the Invocation is at the bottom of this webpage.

Love & Peace

my correction the hurt is nothing that should be concern about it just his ways at time that hurt my feelings so I have to correct this before you take it the wrong way and that’s how you have taken it sorry I should have explain myself better and yes I smelled it again on yesterday while I was in the house alone it was very strong and the same thing happen. what I need or would like to know what do the smell of smoke mean I know there is a meaning for everything.

Hello Donna,

The smoke does ‘mean’ anything. It is just the way the ghost or spirit is getting your attention. That you think the entity is your friend’s father is your decision. What were you thinking about when you smelled the smoke again?

I still recommend you clear the energy of your home, so that you can be certain it is a spirit visiting, and not just any old ghost who is taking up your attention, and energy, but is not the person you think it might be. Then watch your dreams.

Love & Peace

Two weeks before my husband passed away he told me he could smell cigarette smoke. Sometimes I could smell it and sometimes I couldn’t, we both knew it was my Dad who passed away 6 months earlier.