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Strange Memories Not My Own

The last few years I have had some strange experiences. Sometimes after heavy exertion, I suddenly feel like I am someone else. I sometimes don’t know who or where I am, don’t know the date, but I have the feeling I am living someone else’s life.

I have memories of things I have never done before and of places that are unknown to me. It lasts about a half hour or so, then my own memories gradually come back.

I’m completely alert the whole time, no dizziness or anything like that.

It happened about a week ago when I was moving a 150 LB propane tank out of my car and dragging it to where I had to hook it up. All of a sudden I felt like I was someone else with their memories.

Can anyone explain this?

Asked by Gary

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Hi Gary,

Absolutely fascinating!

I am wondering if your heavy exertion is triggering a past life memory. We store the ‘memory’ of who we were in our auras, and often in the cells of our bodies, and I know from my own experiences, that some of those memories can be very intense when they appear.

When you experience this, are you still aware of yourself in ‘this’ lifetime, or do you step completely into the other ‘you’? Do you still remember who you are, and know where you are during the experience?

What do you do when the experience happens? Do you fight it or have you ever sat and examined it, allowing yourself to ‘feel’ whatever else comes with the memories?

I would start there .. but I would also suggest that you clear your energy with the Michael Invocation (the link is at the bottom of this webpage), just in case you are wearing the ghost of another person, that tries to get through to you when you have overstressed your body. It won’t change what happens if it is just your memories, but will help if it is an attaching entity.

Love & Peace

I have some of my own memories when this happens. I dont really fight it, I just let it go away on its own. Sometimes I dont remember who I am or even how old I am. But other things are crystal clear, things I have never done before. Ill try that Michael invocation, thanks, Ama.

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