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What Was The Voice We Heard At 7 AM In The Living Room


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I am an agnostic 39 year old married male. I would like to think that I do not believe in the metaphysical. However, this morning something very strange happened in my house. I live with my wife (40), daughter (1), and 2 small dogs (Chihuahuas). One dog we just got two days ago, and was sleeping in our living room in a caged area. He whimpers periodically through the night as he is a puppy.

This morning at 0700/7AM my wife and I were both awakened to a single loud phrase being uttered. The voice sounded like a deep male and came directly from our living room. The content of what was spoken sounded like what you would hear if you played a record backwards. It was a very short phrase.

Any ideas?

Asked by Robert

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Hello Robert,

We could rename metaphysics as ‘laws of nature’ because bascially they are different sides of the same coin.

Being scientifically minded its possible the voice could have come from outside your house, a person talking or a radio. Sound does travel in strange ways at times .. eg up pipes. Or it could have been a ghost, making some brief comment in the living room. Did you actually catch the words, or was it just all sound? I’ve never heard a record played backwards, but I think I know what you mean. Did your wife hear the same ‘words’, or the same sound? Has anything else strange happened in the house before or since .. like things disappearing, moving by themselves, falling over or lying down, or lights being left on .. or a sense of being watched? All of these can be a sign of a ‘visitor’ .. but hopefully, if it was a ghost, it passed through and kept going.

As long as they don’t hang about, its not something to worry about. If you hear it again .. try and write down everything you experience at the time, and ask your wife to do so too. The differences might surprise you.

Love & Peace

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