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Twilight Sleep?

Has anyone ever felt like they were awake, but realize that they are still asleep? I think they call that Twilight sleep, but I’m not sure?

It is at times like that when I see things like a child or pets, but it is only for an instant. Once I’m wide awake I don’t see anything. Then I think I must have been dreaming.

One time I fell asleep on my coach and woke up, or thought I was awake and there was a little dark haired, dark skinned boy twirling some colorful rings [like small hula hoops] on both arms, smiling at me. He kind of looked like a little gypsy boy. As soon as I blinked and sat up, he was gone. After that I saw, several times a small monkey clanging cymbals together, like the little wind up toy monkeys we use to see when we were kids. I have seen that several time, but I have never seen the little boy again.

Is my mind playing tricks on me or is it a stage between sleep and awake where I might have visitors?

I wish that when I see these things It would last longer, so I could figure out if it is real or not!

Asked by Nancy Abbott

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Hi Nancy,

Waking up inside a dream is called ‘lucid dreaming’. You can research that on the internet.

Did you sit up in your dream and blink awake, or did you wake up and sit up? The boy could have been a ghost, or simply an hypnogogic image from inside your mind/dreams .. same with the monkey.

Sometimes ghosts slip into my dreams, and when I wake up I find them standing next to me sharing their memories (usually of whatever trapped them between the planes). I make sure they cross over (send angels to find them) .. but things like the monkey, are more likely memories than entities.

Research lucid dreaming and hypnogogic images and you should find out lots of interesting information to help you understand what you see.

Love & Peace

I have dreams like that. They are becoming more scary for me. I cant tell if I am awake or asleep. I hear my name being called (I live alone), then I feel like someone has sat on the side of my bed. I try to scream and reach out but no sound is coming and I cant move. Then I feel like I cant breathe. Its the same type of dream happening regularly.

Hi Laura,

If you do a little research you’ll find ‘sleep paralysis’, which is when the mind wakes up before your body does, and you cannot move. It seems to last forever, but its really not that long.

It might also be that you are being haunted, so I suggest that you scroll to the bottom of this webpage, follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your energy, and the energy of your home. The instructions are on that webpage to do so. That should take care of anyone you can’t see sitting on the bed.

I’ve often heard my name called, in all sorts of locations when I am awake, without being able to see who said it, and sometimes during sleep, when a ghost wants to attract my attention. It’s weird, but usually not harmful. Just as sleep paralysis is weird, but usually not harmful. I also suggest you read the webpages about White Light Shields, because if you are sensitive to ghosts, they will help you keep the unseen out of your home .. its very important to get a good night’s sleep.

Love & Peace

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