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Strange Experience With Seatbelt Was It Paranormal?

I feel really uneasy about posting this question, it’s just an unbelievable story, and I long to know what happened? Where it came from..

My adult son and I had just returned from the supermarket, he had two shopping bags between his legs in the front of the car, I was driving, we arrived home and proceeded to go indoors, he carried the bags. We had no sooner got in when I remembered we had forgotten to get the electric and gas keys recharged, my partner was at the bottom of the back garden seeing to his pigeons (racing pigeons), I didn’t even let him know we were back, we plonked the shopping down and went straight back out to the car, I unlocked it and opened the door, I was immediately taken back, the first thing I noticed was the passenger, front seatbelt was neatly fastened across the seat, this was the seat my son had only a few minutes before been sat in, I stood there completely puzzled, how could this be so?

My son was equally perplexed, he joked that maybe it was a sign that we should not go anywhere, joking aside we very carefully and consciously continued to the shops, discussing how on earth this had happened, we made light of it but it did bother us.

Needless to say we arrived back home safely and the rest of the day/evening continued  uneventfully, just normal, I put the incident out of my mind.

The next morning we got up and my partner went off out and I went to work, at lunchtime I received a call to say my partner had collapsed at the doctors, he had a heart attack and died.

When in the days that followed I recalled the seatbelt episode to people, I just got looks of pity, my grief was all consuming and they put it down to that, it didn’t matter that I was not the only witness to it, no one believed that this happened, that it was impossible and we must have done it up on exiting the car, I know this was not the case, I have since experimented doing this and it’s fiddly and would have not been something you would forget doing, and why you would do it at all beggars belief.

I just want to know if it was paranormal, like I was being warned that I would not be a passenger anymore in this car but now always the driver, my partner used to always drive if we went out together which we did everyday.

Asked by Sarah

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Hi Sarah,

I am very sorry about your partner passing over.

As a warning the seatbelt experiences is not very clear. Sometimes we do things unconsciously, fiddly or not, because we are thinking of other things .. though doing up a seatbelt after leaving the seat is odd, it was not you that did it, it might well have been your son, without him remembering. I can think of any number of times I’ve gone out to the kitchen to ‘put things away’ (in the fridge or cupboards’) to find I’ve actually already done it, my brain has just forgotten that bit .. which is sometimes where a sense of deja vu can come from .. we do something (then forget), then we do it again, with the feeling that we are repeating ourselves, which we are.

If it had happened after your partner died, it might have been a message from him, that he’s safe and secure now, and so are you.

Love & Peace

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