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Can You Tell Me What My Void Is?

…hey yooh’s…

…I’m hoping someone might be able to help me phantom out an incident that has happened to me bout 4 times now…

…The first time it happened I was standing in my kitchen doing dishes with no cares or worries and thinking of nothing in particular. juss a normal routine on a normal day. Then it happened suddenly…I don’t really even know what to call it, the closest thing I can compare it to is a void…

…It was as if all existence had disappeared directly from behind me.  I had this overpowering sense that if I were to take one step backwards I would fall into nothingness.  infront of me everything appeared as it should be, but I had this image in my mind that behind me was absolutely nothing…a non-existence. It gave me a sense of hollowness and pure blackness, a very cold feeling. everything had a dead hollow sound to it.  the atmosphere felt thick…

…I was afraid to turn and look cause what I was sensing and hearing was paralizing me. When I did finaly turn and look over my shoulder, everything was still my kitchen…but it never felt the same as it should have and still had that hollow sound…

…This happened 3 more times since…all in different places… the only fact that remainded the same was the fact that each time it happened I was by myself and I was standing…

…Please give me some ideas what my ‘void’ is…

…Dark blessings…

Asked by jan

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Hi Jan

Sounds more like quantum physics playing a part here – specifically, Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI), first proposed in 1957 by Hugh Everett, and largely accepted as scientifically feasible by the likes of Stephen Hawking.

MWI, like most quantum theories, are a bit mind-blowing to say the least. But, in your case, a quantum physicist would interpret that as two realities colliding. Or, to think of it another way; ‘fusing together’ for a moment, twisting time and space and your own version of reality as the two realities momentarily mould into one.

I’ve had similar things happen to me in the past. It can be daunting, especially the first time it happens.

Why not turn round next time it happens to witness it for yourself? You may see something with your eyes, or you may only ‘see’ it in your head. Either way, I doubt there’s anything to be afraid of, except the fear of the unknown that you have created yourself.


Hi Jan

When you say “different places” do you mean within the same area – ie within a building; on specific land etc., or do you mean that the incidents happened miles apart from each other?


…hey AJ…

…thank yooh for responding..i am finding your comment very interesting…and to answer your question each time it happens its in different locations and miles apart…

…dark blessings…

Hi Jan
I understand what AJ trying to say. Quantum physics is one of subjects, but in the latter of the physical realities of time in this present is somewhat unknown. We humans cannot take in data from the forces of unknown, because the brain, is somewhat closed off. I believe that portals are open some place in the world, on paranormal energies, these energies are transformed. I do believe you have become a unique tuning fork of these energies, a unknown paranormal science. If the position of a group or person, performing a ritual of summoning or something else, either close by or thousands of miles, the energies are transformed on the link to ley line. This is discussed throughout in 1960 to 1970’s. The cold war was one of these subjects, using people with gifts to plot where vehicles or other forms of war across the world. But that does not explain the true facts of the void you have. U have been given a gift, which is not detailed in many occult or paranormal books, but there are some texts of this gift. In the reality of it, a tuning fork of these energies. Therefore, the science of physics explains it in other light, but in quantum, we cannot explain it in the reality of present day. Understanding the physics, but in this String Theory explains energies are around us 24/7….but there are more energies which cannot and will not be explained until Humanity starts to open there minds, to outside circles of other realities, and multi universes, this is fact, not fiction.


Dark blessings


We live in a world that (sometimes) happens a paranormal event. Some of them are from God and some are behalf invisible existence like daemons.
Apart from these events, some of the occurrence that we sense are in a psychic manner. I mean they are just some mental imaginations or ills.
For example, sometimes we are frightened from an unknown thing unreasonably. This is called “fear” or “panic”. Just last night I was working with my computer. A blanket was in the corner of the room irregularly. It had taken the shape of something like an unknown entity. I looked at it a few time and felt it is like something that has gazed to me. This made me uneasy and a fear tried to dominate on me (I usually don’t allow fear to overcome me, except the fear of God’s judgment. I fear of God’s judgement and punishment very much and pray against him often to forgive my faults and wrongs. So I try to don’t do any sin even the minor sins. But it doesn’t mean I don’t scare of nothing! I am a human with a limited power against some turbulent and dangerous invisible entities, specially at night. I have to take a refuge of all-powerful Lord that everything scare of his power,anger and revenge . Sometimes these type of entities try to annoy me but mostly in sleep. I wake up, read a pray and sleep again safely ). I got up, warped the blanket and carried it out from room.
When I fall in an unknown fear I read Koran or some particular prays that are for removing of panic.
For example this is one of those prayers :
One day a man came to messenger Mohammad and complained of his unknown fear (panic). Mohammad learned him this prayer and told him, the one who reads this prayer, the panic will leave him :

The perfect God is monarch and numinous, the lord of angels and holy spirit, the creator of the heavens and earth, the owner of authority and kingdom.

Also someone came to Imam Sadegh and said, I often become frightened unreasonably and this condition has disrupted my easement. Imam learned him this prayer and told him, if you read this prayer you will not fear neither day nor night:

In the name of God and with God. I would trust in God and the one who trust in Allah, he is enough for him.Allah delivers his order, he has specified a significance for everything. O God, put me in your dominate and neighborhood and put me in your security and protection.

However, I think your problem is a type of panic that I explained.

That’s a lovely answer Mans. I love both the blessings you shared with us, and I’ll use them, for God is God is God and we are all blessed to be within the arms of a loving and benevolent being.

Love & Peace

Thank you Ama. I’m happy to see you

I have to say such as prays saved me from many fatal positions. They are the empyrean treasures that reminded hidden for many centuries because of the oppression of some Arab rulers ( Arabic regimes that claims they are the delegate of Islam but are enemy to God and Islam in fact.
They tried many century to change the verity of Islam and turn it into a belief that they wished.
They still exist and the rebel groups in the middle east are the sample of their followers. The criminal groups that ignite the fire of war in Iraq and Syria, killed and wounded a lot of people, destroyed many housed, building and installations belong the Muslim people and worse than all, they claim untruly,we are Muslim.
They are fed with money and armament of Arabic rulers, specially king of Saudi and his family. These rulers and followers are those who oppressed the most of Imams, fought with them and killed them unmanly to prevent the real Islam. The Imams were brave hero in the battlefields but sadly they were killed unmanly by these monsters.

1- Imam Ali was killed by sward from behind, when he was praying in the mosque ( about 1340 years ago)
2- His eldest son, Imam Hassan, were killed by poison mixed with water by his wife that was from Arab group.
3- His other son, Imam Hosain, were killed unmanly, along with his 71 follower in an unequal war against 30000 army of rebel Arabs, while his family were along with him.In that war he and all his followers were killed, among his 18 years old son, Six-month-old baby and brother’s son (the son of Imam Hassan)
4- Imam Muses ( about 120 years later) , was imprisoned by tyrants for a long time ( they didn’t want that People meets Imam)while there was not any follower for him at that time,except a few. Eventually he was poisoned in the prison.
5- The Muses’s son, Imam Reza, was forced to inhabit in the palace of caliph Ma,mon (in Iran). He was invited from Iraq to Iran. Although Imam was unhappy but he had to accept the invitation .In fact,it was a kind imprisoning so that Ma’mon is able to keep him away from people. Eventually, Ma’mon did poison him.

It is worth mentioning, Imams were from messenger Mohammad’s family and had a heavenly dignity and responsibility like him, unless they were not prophet.
They were the official successors of Mohammad after him, based on the order of God. They were not some ordinary humans but they were chosen by Lord himself. Imams were innocent absolutely and have never done the smallest sin or wrong in all their lifetime.
Also it is good you know, the majority of Muslims in the world are Sunny. They believe in Islam, Koran and Mohammad but sadly they don’t believe in Imams due to the issues that I explained. Therefore Sunny Muslims don’t know these prays and don’t access to them.

…hey Mans…

…thank yooh for your reply…and i do forgive yooh for straying off the topic here…i did expect that some would try to explain my ‘void’ as an emotional/mental state created by me…and to put that thought to rest i would like to state that this is not the answer…infact…i have met one other person who experiences exactly the same events as i do…

…also i don’t feel that this is a gift from the gods or any other deities…and quantum physics is an interesting concept…

…i do know that my energies are on a higher frequency than most people and maybe this and other factors about me does make me like a ‘tuning fork’ and the results created is this ‘void’ i experience…

…Darkco, thank yooh for your reply and wisdom…i will research into this ‘tuning fork’ thingy…

…dark blessings…