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Stool By My Bed Flipped While I Slept

Stool by my bed side flipped on its head while I slept

The stool is a light brown stool, similar to the ones people sit on when they perform with acoustic guitars, etc or if they have a high counter top.

I usually put my water there, as well as, other last minute accessories I may have on me, before bed. However, one morning after waking up I noticed the stool was flipped on its head and the four legs were facing the ceiling. At first my parents did not believe me. Then they tried to reason as to how it could have happened. My dad presented the idea that I had knocked it over, but there is no way I could have hit it hard enough to make it do a full 180 into that position, especially without noticing or hearing the noise. My parents hadn’t done it, as they would never go out of their way to wake up in the middle of the night and do something so trivial and silly.

It happened sometime Sunday morning while I slept. The night before I had made the conscious decision to go to church that Sunday for the first time in years. This was because I was and have been struggling with my faith and my spirituality, and had also been feeling like I carried a lot of negative energy inside of me. Additionally, one of my professors (philosophy and meditation professors) lost his fight against cancer that same day and passed away. Although I did not come to find this out until later on that day, my mom hypothesized that it could have been him trying to send me a message.

Anyways, my question is if anyone has any insight as to what this could mean or any suggestions as to where I could look for an answer? Any answer is appreciated, so please and thank you!

Asked by Huey

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Hi Huey,

I am with your mum on this being a lovely clear message from your teacher .. get off your ‘butt’ and go to church. You see, the upright chair could be seen as a kind of steeple, and, of course, its impossible to sit on.

We do get messages from those who care about us after they died. Pay attention to that one.

Love & Peace