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Writing On Mirror

Hi. I’m just looking to see if anyone may have an explanation for an event that happened a while ago.

I finished soccer and went home to shower, and I had locked the door so no one could come in but while I was in the shower I hear a kind of squeaking sound as though someone was writing on the mirror but that couldn’t happen because no one could’ve came in the bathroom.

When I got out of the shower I saw what appeared to be an eye like image on the mirror, like it was looking at the shower… It was creepy.

When I left the bathroom I asked everyone in my house if the came in the bathroom and they said no. I told them what I saw and brought my mom to show her but the steam on the mirror was gone.

The strange thing is, it usually takes about 10 minutes for the steam to go away but it was gone in a matter of 3 minutes. Can anyone explain this?

Asked by Steve


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One reply on “Writing On Mirror”

Hi Steve,

How warm was the house when you opened the bathroom door? If you left the door open the steam might have evaporated very quickly, clearing the mirror as it did so.

An eye-like image might mean that someone was watching you and wanted you to know it. Did it look like the Eye of Horus, which generally means wisdom?

Other than that, if you are frightened of being in the house, you could scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home. That should take care of any unwanted paranormal ‘visitors’. They do tend to wander through, but some decide to stay. Best they are cleared into healing.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra