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Paranormal Experience Any Ideas?

Ok, so…. Last night (around mid-night) I was sitting on my deck in the deep woods in No Cal in Mendo County… I was just having my last smoke before going to bed. I heard a “ting” and I looked at my wine glass, at the rim (I had not touched for a few minutes) I saw a distinct crack. Again I had not touched it, no abnormal heat/cold changes, just spontaneously cracked.

At the same time I looked down and noticed that a small strobe light (battery operated) had gone from a secure place on the deck railing, to right next to me on the floor of the deck. It was off when my husband went to bed. When I looked down it was on, flashing. It was about 5 feet away from where it was originally placed, in the off position.

The last thing that I noticed was my cell phone, which I was not touching, moved spontaneously about a 1/4 of an inch. I decided that it was time to go in and go to bed right then.

I am hoping that someone may have some ideas about this experience that could enlighten me about what happened. Please note that I live in a secluded area where Native Americans lived in the past, prior to being driven out, corralled in reservations, murdered, and otherwise abused when “white” settlers stole their land.

So again, any information, thoughts, etc… would be welcome.

P: One of my dogs sits on the deck and stares at the hillside, for no apparent reason. He is not agitated, just stares at a particular spot….

Asked by Vanessa

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Hi Vanessa,

We have pets. Neither our cats, nor our dog, is (or was) ever bothered by the number of ghosts and spirits that wander through our house from time to time. They will occasionally watch them. And Gus the dog, and I, did watch Meg the cat wander down the hall about 3 days after we buried her .. we glanced at each other and then went back to watching her until she disappeared into the first bedroom .. but it wasn’t a big issue for either of us, so I went back to feeding him his dinner and that was that.

Our house can be a bit like a railway station because my husband and I both attract ghosts and can help them cross into heaven. We’ve gotten used to it.

So, I think you had a visiting ghost, given they are more inclined to move and break things. I wonder if anything else has happened in the few days since you posted this message? If not, no problem. If you are worried you could clear your home and property using the Michael Invocation (link below), but that’s mostly to make you feel comfortable.

Murders of anyone, or any group, is appalling, but that does not mean there will be many ghosts hanging around, lost in their own misery or anger. All being well they will have crossed into a place of healing. If not, sometimes its good to help. The Michael Invocation can be used for individuals and groups, if you feel the need. Just change it to suit the situation (such as when you put your name in, put instead ‘any Indians that were massacred on this land’. If you don’t believe in angels, it might sound a bit odd, but try it .. they believe in us.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra