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Spirits And Signs

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I recently waked up at night because on our dog barking. While I was awake & sitting in a bad, I could see (somehow through the wall) that something like a light appears in our living room and turns into something I would describe as an “energy ball” – like a sun in the middle and electricity and flames around. It was abt 20 cm big, abt 1 meter from floor. I went into living room and at the moment I should be really able to see it, the ball disappeared (I could still see some flushing for like abt 1 sec.). Meantime our dog was still barking and staring at the point where the “energy ball” was.

I was completely calm, calming down my dog & telling him it was nothing he should be afraid of and that the ball was “good” (my reaction surprised me only afterwards – at that moment it felt completely logical to me).

I went back to the bed, my husband was awake because of barking, I calmed him to go back to sleep.

Like half minute after (I was still sitting on my side of bad) our dog started to bark again & run around living room. I went in the room & this time I saw a man (or a ghost, as he was blurred) going back and forth around living room. He seemed bit nervous or in hurry. Dog was running among & barking at him. First I thought he was looking after something, but then (somehow) I realized that he was there to make sure some evidence is hided – like the energy ball shouldn´t be there or I shouldn´t have noticed it. I can´t explain how & why, but I was so sure about that and it all made perfect since for me at that moment.

Man was dressed in grey-brown suit (parts not matching together) with a hat, and seemed like a working class from some other century. He seemed noticing me and that I have noticed him, but it seemed not to be important to him – it almost felt like I was not “important” enough and he was bit annoyed (as I would cause some trouble by seeing that ball) and in hurry.

Than he just disappeared & only than I felt like: What just happened?? It almost felt like a dream, and next morning I would think it might be one, if my dog wouldn´t be barking & my husband wouldn’t ask what was it last night with a dog and me? And I can still remember so clearly every detail.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? And what could be the “energy ball” I saw? I have a feeling it was something important, but I can´t understand it.

Pleased to hear your opinions.

Asked by Aiga M


  1. April 27, 2020 at 7:53 pm



    Hi Aiga,

    It sounds like a ghost, or an energy orb. Have you tried sending angels after the man and the orb and memory to try and disconnect from it? Sometimes they leave energy traces behind that are negative.

  2. April 28, 2018 at 3:25 pm



    Violet flames healing energy. Is anyone sick in your home by chance? I would meditate to the violet flame. Google had great ones

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