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I recently waked up at night because on our dog barking. While I was awake & sitting in a bad, I could see (somehow through the wall) that something like a light appears in our living room and turns into something I would describe as an “energy ball” – like a sun in the middle and electricity and flames around. It was abt 20 cm big, abt 1 meter from floor. I went into living room and at the moment I should be really able to see it, the ball disappeared (I could still see some flushing for like abt 1 sec.). Meantime our dog was still barking and staring at the point where the “energy ball” was.

I was completely calm, calming down my dog & telling him it was nothing he should be afraid of and that the ball was “good” (my reaction surprised me only afterwards – at that moment it felt completely logical to me).

I went back to the bed, my husband was awake because of barking, I calmed him to go back to sleep.

Like half minute after (I was still sitting on my side of bad) our dog started to bark again & run around living room. I went in the room & this time I saw a man (or a ghost, as he was blurred) going back and forth around living room. He seemed bit nervous or in hurry. Dog was running among & barking at him. First I thought he was looking after something, but then (somehow) I realized that he was there to make sure some evidence is hided – like the energy ball shouldn´t be there or I shouldn´t have noticed it. I can´t explain how & why, but I was so sure about that and it all made perfect since for me at that moment.

Man was dressed in grey-brown suit (parts not matching together) with a hat, and seemed like a working class from some other century. He seemed noticing me and that I have noticed him, but it seemed not to be important to him – it almost felt like I was not “important” enough and he was bit annoyed (as I would cause some trouble by seeing that ball) and in hurry.

Than he just disappeared & only than I felt like: What just happened?? It almost felt like a dream, and next morning I would think it might be one, if my dog wouldn´t be barking & my husband wouldn’t ask what was it last night with a dog and me? And I can still remember so clearly every detail.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? And what could be the “energy ball” I saw? I have a feeling it was something important, but I can´t understand it.

Pleased to hear your opinions.

Asked by Aiga M

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Violet flames healing energy. Is anyone sick in your home by chance? I would meditate to the violet flame. Google had great ones

Hi Aiga,

It sounds like a ghost, or an energy orb. Have you tried sending angels after the man and the orb and memory to try and disconnect from it? Sometimes they leave energy traces behind that are negative.