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I Think Ghosts Are Following Me

Okay so for a couple weeks I could hear walking, talking and coughing in the bedroom above me in my house and no one had even been in those rooms for a month or so and it would happen every night around the same time so after about two weeks of that happening I went on a trip almost 3000km away from home and in my hotel (for five days)

I would hear weird things in my room like a picture lifting from the wall and hitting the wall and at one point I was getting ready in the bathroom and it sounded like someone was sitting in the bathtub knocking on the inside of it and I was alone in the room every time something like this happened and my room just had a different feeling than my friends rooms and my friends would even say that when they came into the room so after five days of that I came home and I was taking a video of my cat rolling around by my door and I noticed a pretty big white orb go from the top right of my screen all the way to the bottom left of my screen and it really freaked me out and almost every night since then I’ve filmed my room at night in the dark with the flash on and I’ll say stuff like “Are there any ghosts here” and as soon as I start talking white orbs start going across the screen like crazy so it’s been about three weeks of that.

Just the other night I was filming as usual and all of a sudden a red/orange orb flew across my screen and I had never seen that one before so I was I little freaked out but I got over it and then tonight at work I was walking and no one was around me and it felt like someone grabbed my shoulder and moved it from hitting something I was walking past so I just want to know what going on, like do you think I’m being followed by them or anything about the situation really

Asked by Amy