Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis Or Something Else?

It happened a while ago – I waked up in my bad & the room was light (as in daytime, even it was at night). I saw people having a picnic at one side of my bad, canoe sailing besides my bad in other side & I noticed more and more people, animals and things going on all around my room as far as I looked, but none of them paid me any attention. I quickly realized, it should be a dream, but meantime I was sure I was fully awake.

I tried to move, but I was completely paralyzed, and more I tried to sit up (it felt I need to sit up to make them all disappear), the harder it felt. I got really scared but I couldn´t scream or do anything.

But the worst think of all was a noise – it was so extremely loud & sounded like all voices and noises from entire World together. And the noise become louder & louder & it caused me almost physical pain.

It felt like forever and then I somehow managed to turn on 1 side (I was laying on my back) and it all disappeared. I was so scared that I couldn´t sleep at all and spent rest of the night Goodling what just happened.

It seems to be a sleep paralysis (I even read it might be caused by being over-tired, which I was), but the noise is not very common among such cases ( or I haven´t checked enough similar stories).
Would like to hear your comments.

Asked by Aiga M

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One reply on “Sleep Paralysis Or Something Else?”

Aiga, I believe your s Medium. Ground yourself and raise your vibration. Hope this helps