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I live in Albuquerque, NM. Moved here about 4 years ago. I started a family here with my high school sweetheart, moved into an apartment and worked a steady job. After my son turned one, we decided to look for a bigger apartment. For weeks we looked at apartments, with no luck of finding the space we needed. At night I would dream of apartments after a long day of browsing on the internet, but one dream still sends shivers down my spine.


My dream started with me and my bf, possibly one of my sisters, taking boxes into a new apartment. Only this apartment building looked like a motel 6, with the rails and concrete steps. As we took in boxes, the apartment had a heavy, warm feeling to it, as if we were welcomed by someone. Still taking boxes in, we noticed that the neighbors were watching us with “What-the-hell” looks on their faces, but we ignored it as if they were just watching. My dream continued, as I saw myself walking down the hall towards the bedroom. In the bedroom I saw a closed closet with doors that folded to the left and right, I walked to the closet and just as I was about to open the closet I heard a small whimper, like that of a scared kid trying to stop crying. I had no reaction to this in my dream, as I walked back outside to the steps and a neighborhood approached me. She then asked “Are you really moving into that apartment?”, as all the other neighbors watched. I said “Yeah, we are.” She then asked, “Did they tell you what happened here?”, and I curiously replied, “No, what happened?”. She said, “There was a little boy with alcoholic and abusive parents who lived here. He used to hide in the closet when his parents were drunk because he was scared.” I then woke up from dream and thought nothing of it…
One day back at work, a new face was introduced to our employees, only I recognized the face of a girl who went to high school with my older sister. We got along just fine, texted, calls..the normal friendship. One day she (Cornelia) invited my boyfriend and I along with our son, to come to her house and cook something together with her and her bf. So the next day, she gave me directions to her apartment and she met us outside. The apartment building, had no doors on the outside because the apartments were inside, with a little garden in the middle of the whole building. It was a three story building, with stairs and rails, like motel 6. I didn’t think anything of it. We all hung out in the living room, and the whole time I was there I thought I kept seeing a small dark figure in the walkway to her kitchen, still I didn’t think anything of it. We left her apartment that evening, driving home and my bf turned the stereo volume down (usually on unless I’m trying to talk to him). He said, “Babe, I don’t know if you saw it but there was something black standing in her kitchen.” Scared, I stared at him with fear, because what I decided to ignore and thought nothing of, caught his attention too. I told him that I saw it as well but didn’t think anything of it and we went home and we never said anything to Cornelia.

Cornelia’s Experience

About two weeks later, Cornelia and I were working together when she started telling me about an experience her boyfriend, coworker (Omar) and she witnessed. She told me that the three of them were sitting around the kitchen table on the laptop watching videos together when a cabinet door over her counter swung open and slammed shut again. Curious and unsure about my decision, I told her about the little black shadow me and my bf saw in her kitchen walkway. She didnt seem scared, but the next day she came to me and what she told me shook me to my core. She said her and her boyfriend were standing outside her door smoking a cigarette. A neighbor came out to greet them, asked for a cigarette and conversated with them before telling them of the apartments history. Apparently there was a little boy who lived there and was stabbed by his one of his parents, who were alcoholics.

I wish I knew whether my dream had anything to do with everything she had found out about her apartment. Needless to say she moved because all together it scared her. For me, I stopped looking for apartments due to the fear of not knowing what kind of history any apartment holds. Coincidence? Ghosts? Spirits? Besides this story, I’ve had smaller experiences, but not as scary as this. Anybody have something to say?

Asked by Jen

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Hello Jen,

You had a prophetic dream .. that means you dreamed about something before it happened. Why you dreamed it .. perhaps you can help the child ghost to find peace, or part of your knew that someone was coming into your life that would need your help (your new friend). Either way the outcome is the same .. the ghost needs to be rescued .. and you can then go back to house-hunting without worrying about what you will find in each place you visit, or choose to live in.

An easy way to cross a ghost is to say this:

“Archangel Michael, please Find the dark shadow my boyfriend and I saw at … (lady’s name)’s apartment and Take him or her into healing”. The Michael angels know exactly what to do.

Since you believe its a little boy you can say ‘little boy’ instead of shadow, but since it presented itself to you as a shadow, I would use that.

And then, if you scroll to the bottom of this webpage, you will find the Michael Invocation which you can use to clear any home you decide to move into .. and White Light Shields link to teach you how to keep ghosts out, if you feel the need to.

Love & Peace

That’s what and why I figured had happened. Being native american I was always told to keep a balance between myself and the spirit world, and to leave “dark” experiences alone because it would mess with our mentality. Sad to think the little boy needed my help, instead we got scared and acted as though it didnt happen. Ill consider helping him cross.

Hi Jen,

One thing I forgot to mention is that you don’t have to go to the house to rescue someone, you can just ‘remember’ what you saw and then make the request. The angels only need your permission ..

Love & Peace