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Something Pretended To Be Me

My boyfriend was taking a shower and I was not home at the time. He said he saw a clear shadow standing outside the bathroom door. Right after he heard someone knocking and he said it sounded exactly like me. He said it was asking him if she could please come in.

I want to know what it could have been? Was is a demon? or what is happening?

This is not the first time this female thing appears in different forms.

Asked by monse

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Hello Monse,

What did the entity say that suggested it was you? If it’s voice only sounded like you, your boyfriend might have mistaken you for it. This is not unusual, even with living people. We tend to try to identify sounds with something (or someone) familiar, which includes people’s voices.

You don’t give me anywhere enough information to say if it was a demon. If there is no other activity, its unlikely.

A ghost might like your boyfriend, might be a friend or relative who has crossed over, or might believe he is someone she knew when she was alive.

What you can do is ask your boyfriend to help her cross into healing, but using the Michael Invocation below to send her there. He’ll work out some way of identifying her and that would be very good for the lady, and neither of you will have to worry about the situation anymore. Ghosts may appear fun, but what they are is a person in pain trapped outside of heaven. It doesn’t matter whether you or your boyfriend believe in heaven, sometimes we all need a little help to get there.

Love & Peace

He said it sounded like me but yea he could have mistaken and thought it was me . I live with my boyfriend and his mom and dad . We all feel the energy but it has only manifested in a physical form to my boyfriend. The rest of us just see a shadow here and there and feel like we are touched sometimes.

I know for sure there are several spirits in the home 2 being deceased relatives who protect us , and other two one the female and one who my boyfriend calls the shadowman because he is only a shadow.

Anyway the female has presented to him 2 or three times . One time in the middle of the night the closet door was open and a female hand came through the clothes signaling him to come with her finger. Now this incident of the female asking to get in .

They are the first people to live in that house so its not like a left over ghost.

Another thing was that his previous girlfriend used to mess with dark magic and when they broke up she opened a portal in the house and all kinds of crazy things were happening . It was so bad we had to call a medium to cleanse it all out and seal it . Mostly everything left but that female and the shadow man appears from time to time . We think is something that the previous girlfriend sent out for him .

It’s all very scary to me. I have to sage once a week but it only gets rid of the problem temporarily.

Hello again,

Regardless of what the previous girlfriend was doing, the Michael Invocation will move on your boyfriend’s ghostly visitors, and if the shadow man is a ghost too, he’ll end up in heaven. Definitely worth doing.

Love & Peace