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From the time I was eight years old until I was late into my 14th year I lived in my grandmothers house with her and my father. The house was set up to where the front of the house we used as a laundry room, then the dining room, then two hallways because the dining room was so large, one leading to my bedroom, a bathroom, a closet, and my fathers bedroom. The other hall led to another closet, the kitchen, my grandmothers bedroom and another bathroom.

Well, My grandmothers bedroom and the other bathroom was added on to the house during her lifetime, along with part of my bedroom because they enlarged it. I always felt kinda safe in my grandmothers room but anywhere past that I always felt as if I was being watched, so did anyone else that ever lived there and most who had visited. I’ve had many paranormal experiences there, so had my father and grandmother.

My grandmother used to live in my bedroom and used the Ouija board constantly before I moved in, then my dad started using one in the bedroom right next to mine. Well, I was a teenager, and being a teenager during summer vacation I believe it was, I was staying up late on my computer. My bedroom had the bed on the far end of the room and then my couch right up against the right wall, to where when I’m sitting on the couch my right side faces the wall and my left side is open to the floor and the rest of the room and my back is exposed to the part where my bed is. I was sitting there late at night and this thick clear with a white tint liquid fell on the left side of my chest,  since I had so many paranormal experiences I assumed it was ectoplasm and I changed my shirt then sat back down in my bedroom.

I’ve recently realized that this meant the ghost was sitting or standing right next to me on the ground or sitting on the bed behind me with his/her head over my shoulder. Although it always felt like a guy, possibly multiples. I was just curious as to why a ghost would ectoplasm on me? Does that mean it likes or dislikes me? What is it’s reasoning to do that?

Asked by Ashley


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Hi Ashley,

Ectoplasm was created from, and attached to, living human energy which the ghost manipulated to give it shape and form, so whatever fell on you, wasn’t ectoplasm. Was there anyone living standing behind you at the time?

My husband and I have seen a lovely white mist filling my mother’s bedroom. She was outside on the verandah so didn’t see it. It hung around for about 30 minutes, and given its a warm house, should not have been there, and if it was a ghost it would have said something (given we are both mediums), so we have no explanation for it. It was just odd, but odd is pretty normal these days.

Just how wet did it make your shirt?

Love & Peace

No one was there, I was always alone in my bedroom, everyone in the house was asleep if someone were there I would’ve seen them walk in and out of the room because I always faced the one door in the room

Oh i’m so sorry! it was a pretty wet glob of some thick clearish substance kind of like slime, it was big enough to cover the left side of my chest

Very strange. From everything I have read, ectoplasm is not wet or slimy. It’s kind of dry to the touch, and usually is drawn back into the person who created it, when the seance is finished. As I wrote, it is produced by a living person, and if you touch it, you might jolt them .. so what happened to you was not an experience with ectoplasm. What was happening in your roof at the time? Did you live in a damp house?

Love & Peace

It was a very dry clean house my grandmother always wanted her home as clean as possible, I looked at the ceiling I didn’t see anything on it or anywhere it could’ve came from it was exactly like a slime you’d make or buy to play with