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Why Have I Had Such Consistent Hauntings?

I have lived in four houses in my life, and in three of the four I have experienced some sort of strongly defined paranormal activity.

It began when I was around seven or eight and has continued up to this point (I am now a college student). It has varied wildly, from orb-like moving apparitions that continued for months when I was a child, to my most recent encounters with phantom smells and audio phenomena that have no visuals to them whatsoever.

Some of this phenomena has also been witnessed or experienced by other friends/family within the multiple locations, though a lot of it has only been seen by me.

Is there some logical reason behind why I’ve had such consistent, varied phenomena in my life?

Asked by Elise

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Hello Elise,

Are other members of your family psychic? Did you move into cheap accommodation, that other people didn’t like to live in? Or are you like me, ghosts go where I am because I can help them cross into heaven, or they think I have energy they can feed on? They usually find out they can’t and aren’t on the earth plane long after that, my husband and I are both Spirit Rescuers (ghost busters without the daft attitudes or equipment. We don’t hunt them but they often hunt us. LOL)

Orbs aren’t generally ghosts, they can also be a whole variety of other spiritual beings, like nature spirits, or just energy expressed by living people and animals.

Are you hunting ghosts now? You didn’t say what the audio phenomena was? If you hunt them, they’ll follow you around.

I suggest you read the webpages called the Michael Invocation and White Light Shields below and get used to using them .. to keep your energy clear, and your house empty of ghosts.

Love & Peace