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Something Is Bugging My Little Boy

Hi, my name is Jose I have seen many things and am an avid believer is paranormal. I grew up seeing stuff and experiencing many scary things. I think that this has been passed down to my little boy. He is 11 months old and we moved into Ogden, Utah about 5 months ago. I have always had a strange feeling about this place but can’t detect any spirit here. The last owners from what I know always had issues with their kids too but it didn’t stop until they moved.

I want to know if you have any idea what I am dealing with. My baby for the last 3 weeks has been waking up screaming bloody murder at 3 a.m. sharp. The only time he does not wake up at that time is if we stay the night at my parents place. He never had issues before and used to sleep through the night. Doctors just call us crazy and say nothing is wrong and maybe we are exagerating.

Things to note:

Baby sleeps in my bedroom with my wife and I in a crib a couple feet away.

When we moved in there was a strange smell to the home. I have never smelled anything like it and I associate it with car exhaust smell. We had carbon monoxide tests and all the like and everything was fine. The smell went away after we moved in and has just recently started once again. My wife says it came back at the same time babies issue started

Things have been going missing more and more recently. It started to pick up a couple months back, We had bought a new t.v, and placed the remote on the kitchen table as I walked by to head to my room. The next day my wife asks for the remote and we turn the place upside down looking for it. It turned up one month later in a storage chest in the guest bedroom (we don’t use it and rarely ever step in since it gives a bad vibe) it was at the bottom of it and we knew full well that storage chest had not been touched for months. Random things went missing and my wife would go check that chest and find it there. always under everything else in there.

Last thing, the dog had been locked in a kennel each night until 2 weeks ago when wife decided she felt safer with him out now. Tonight was the first time I witnessed this part, wife and I fell asleep on couch, but I woke up at 2:53ish to my labrador alert and growling towards our room. He barked twice viciously but I told him to shut up. And at exactly 3 am the baby woke screaming again and the dog started whining.

Please I need help. Cameras have not picked up anything except for a glitch AROUND not at EXACTLY 3 a.m. nothing strange other than that. I am ordering a better camera to point it at his crib but it will be a few days.

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Hi Jose,

You might consider having your home blessed by your local priest or minister, but in the meantime you could use the Michael Invocation to clear the building and give you all a rest. The link to it is under ‘pages’ below. If that doesn’t settle things down, the Blessing should.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi Jose,
I believe you’re have a portal over your babys bed. Try moving the crib to another location in the room. Stand in the area the crib was originally. You may sense a change in temperature. I recommend you spray holy water on the walls in the room and placing salt in all corners and entries. Windiw sills etc. And close the portal. Take back your homeJose. Be firm