Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis Shadow People And Suppressed Memories

I have always had a strong belief and connection to things that are not as easily seen, nor interpreted, to the naked human eye. I can also say I have my fair share of run ins with sleep paralysis or “The Old Hag”. I don’t think I will ever truly understand the thought behind it. We, as humans, shouldn’t assume we are the only being in this monumental cauldron of a cosmos. As of late I have been experiencing more and more activity that I cannot explain and I’m needing validation on others who may have gone through similar experiences

Last year my husband and I purchased a custom built town-home in the area of Winchester, Virginia. Right away when we moved in I had my first instance occur. While carrying a plastic tote to the third floor I had set it down on the floor to be re-positioned before picking it up once again and moving on. Before I could lift the tote up some type of energy or being pulled the tote across the floor with quite a bit of force but not aggressively. I was freaked out for a few minutes and my husband was completely skeptical but wanted to be supportive. Fast forward through the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 and no other issues are know to report.

Early July 2018 my husband and I come home from a day with the family and the house is dark. It’s late so we proceed on to bed due to the late hour but when we get to our room I see the closet light on and immediately turn into THAT nagging husband who always complains that the other husband left a light on. After end of debates he walks to the closed closet door, visibly pushes the door twice with considerable force, and up a third push is able to gain access to the interior of the closet. While the blood rushed out of his face and his shakey hands flipped the light off he ran to me across the room. We couldn’t rationally explain why the door wouldn’t open. Nothing obstructing it, no jam in the door, no issues with the handle or the hinges. Nothing. It all just felt paranormal.

Less than two nights after the closet incident, I had just fallen asleep and was startled away by a horrifying black shadow coming at me through the bedroom door. I had to fight like hell to get away from whatever it was. I woke up scrambling away from the edge of the bed in a cold sweat, and crying and huddled up to the side of my husband. After falling back to sleep it happened again immediately except this time there were two black menacing type shadows. Jolted away again.

I have also had something touch the bottom of my foot and tug on my pants and seen two other shadows in broad light. Seeing these shadows is bring up memories of shadows I’ve also seen as I kid that I suppressed away and I’m not sure if that mean anything else. If you have any ideas on how to help please let me know. Thanks!

Asked by Ryan

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One reply on “Sleep Paralysis Shadow People And Suppressed Memories”

Hi Ryan,

A house blessing of some kind seems in order. Do you attend a local church? Perhaps the minister or priest will bless your home and remove whatever those entities are that are disturbing both of you.

Or you could use the Michael Invocation (link to it under ‘pages’ below) to clear your home, and if you are sensitive, as you seem to be, the White Light Shields will help as well.

Love & Peace