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My Friend Sees Things in the Dark

my friend has seen things in the dark since he was a child. something like shadow people, I suppose you could say. except they’re more like figures and limbs and sometimes just faces. and when I say he sees them in the dark, I don’t only mean at night. he sees them in any dark space: a tire, a black curtain, a black backpack.

he has experienced sleep paralysis since he was a teenager. in these experiences, he’s told me that he has seen shadow people, often surrounding his bed, sometimes on top of him. however, these other visions are different, according to him. he says he’s not afraid of these “figures” the way he’s been frightened by shadow people. he’s simply used to them, and he speaks about them so calmly.

for a while, I thought maybe he was schizophrenic. but he claims he doesn’t hear any voices or anything along those lines. just the figures that are constantly there, whether he chooses to acknowledge them or not.

he does not use or need glasses or contacts. he doesn’t have any mental conditions, that i’m aware of, and he just earned a masters degree in his field of study, so I don’t think he’s making this up…

could this be schizophrenia? an eye condition? something paranormal? I dunno where else to look for answers, so possibilities are greatly appreciated!

Asked by Lizette

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Hi Lizette,

I have spent my life seeing faces, legs, arms, bodies without heads, and weird and wonderful beings in the shadows, in nature, running across rooms where I am .. to me its all normal and part of the spiritual gift I have called ‘clairvoyance’. Clair=clear, voyance=vision. As long as he is not frightened, and nothing is hurting him, he really doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Sleep paralysis has a few causes, some of them paranormal, some of them natural, either way, again, unless he is being hurt he does not really have to worry. It can be a frightening experience, but actually only tends to last seconds, even though it might feel like forever during the experience. Hopefully it does not happen very often.

I would suggest, if your friend is uncomfortable with what is happening, he might consider using both the Michael Invocation to clear his energy and then his home, and then using White Light Shields to protect it for a while, to give him a rest. He, like me, might always be haunted by strange and odd entities, but, once he feels more in control of what is happening, he should end up not really being concerned about it all.

The links to both the Invocation and the Shields are below. More information about both are on those webpages. Any questions can be asked there, or here.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi Lizette,
Im getting that your friend is a medium.
I would suggest he practice grounding himself on a regular basis.
Alsi, as Ana mentioned above, invoke AA Michael. Blessings