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Skull Rituals?

Every where on the internet I post this question I get plagued by spam & bias, and when I look it up there is almost nothing helpful; now I have come here.

My question (since I recently came into possession of a human skull by legal means) what are some rituals that can be done with a human skull?

Asked by Sam

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Hi Sam,

Most rituals are kept within the groups who use them. Voodoo is one of them. To learn that you have to have a teacher, and the teacher would have to accept ‘you’, rather than you deciding they ‘will’ teach you. Most skull rituals are part of black magic, is that what you want to learn, because the ‘price’ of that sort of learning is an eternal need to watch your back, and becoming fodder for any nasty entities that seek out humans to destroy them. Most skull rituals are banned by civilized society, simply because it is part of necromancy. Think very hard about that path before seeking knowledge of any kind. The outcomes, for the practitioners, are usually pretty awful.

Love & Peace

Dear Sam, I was quite impressed when I read about you having a human skull. Even though it came to you through legal means, it still belonged to a person who was somebody’s mom or dad, or a beloved son who is sadly missed. Why don’t you give it a decent burial? My late mother used to say that the dead should be with the dead and the living should deal only with the living. I totally agree with what Ama said about thinking carefully if you really want to go down that path which might only bring you problems and suffering.

Cheers, Argel

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