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Seeing Black Things

We have lived in this house for 13 years. We live in Mt. Our house was built in 1980.

Last night my husband 60 and my self 59 were sitting on our couch and were just talking. I love the monster and ghost shows as we have both witnessed some things. I told him I have never told any one this but while I am watching TV a little black thing scurries across the floor and goes under an overstuffed chair. I just see this out of the side of my right eye. He said he sees it too only on his left side. We can’t make out what it is, it is just a dark black quick thing that goes pretty fast. It is the size of a silver dollar.

Any thoughts on this?


Asked by Mary Dement

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Hi Mary,

My first thought is cockroaches, or other bugs. But then I have questions:

Can you see it when you look straight at it?
Do the two of you see it at the same time, or on different occasions?
Does it appear at the same time of night?
Are the lights all on when it appears?

Love & Peace

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