Shadow Figure On Radiator

A few years ago whilst watching a film downstairs in my house with my mum, I for some reason looked over at the radiator and saw a shadow on the radiator walking slowly but it did not reflect on to the wall above the radiator.

I did not tell my mum because I was quite taken aback from what I saw and thought it was. A few seconds later my mum said how cold the room had gone which made me think that there was something in the room with us.I’m just wondering what this could have been out of interest. I have had other experiences of seeing a tissue move on its own with no window or door open near it and bright light shine from my window at night which has never happened again.

Hope you can help, thank you.

Asked by Rachel

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At first, it sounds like shadow person but you mentioned that your mom said it got cold. Ghosts can make it feel cold. Maybe it was a ghost passing through or trying to scare you.

Or not trying to scare Rachel, Micle .. s/he could simply have needed a tissue, or thought they did. Afterall, ghosts were people once too, and one might still think it has a cold (the tissues) or is feeling cold (near the radiator).

Ghosts draw energy from the room, and from the living people in the room, which can make the living feel very cold, very tired and often very emotional, sadness, jealousy, fear or anger. Better not to have ghosts around .. like the one that just walked across the room behind my back. I saw it reflected in the glass of the window in the corner of my eye. Not unusual for this house .. I shall now clear the energy.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

A ghost needing a tissue sounds funny for me. I forgot it could be that simple though, sometimes I don’t remember human ghosts were once living people. Do you have any thoughts about ghosts that look like shadows? Or even ghosts that have a 3D shadow form?

A ghost that thinks that ghosts are dark shadows will appear as a dark shadow, whether 3D or flat. Other shadows, flat to the wall, are usually shadow people .. harmless to living people, they don’t interact with us, just appear to be doing their own thing. Not something to worry about.

Other entities can also look like shadows, but unless the room is freezing, or the energy frightening, they are usually just shadow people.

Love & Peace

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