Dreams and Sleep

Paranormal Or Just A Dream?

Hi, for a long time now I wanted to know the answer to what happened to me that day. It happened in my Nan’s house last year, me and my dad arrived there to stay with her for some time as she now lives all by herself because my grandad passed away few years ago.

So one night I fell asleep, and all I remember is being pulled and it wasn’t just a pull it was a really hard sort of being dragged/pulled by something or some force ( it felt like I was being pulled my a man but it just didn’t feel like that, it was something else), so as I was saying I was being pulled into the ceiling into this squared type of space. And when I started waking up I could see my dad sitting beside me and nan standing in front of me, and I could feel my throat hurting really badly from all the screaming.

My dad said he heard me shouting and not just normally but screaming with high pitched voice as if I was getting killed, then they ran into my bedroom and I was sitting all crunched up against the wall in the corner of my bed and the duvet was over my head and I was holding it so tight that even my dad was just not able to pull it off and I was still screaming.

My dad said he could feel this kind of tension or bad vibrations around the room when I did wake up, I don’t know if he just said that because he actually felt it or not. I got really scared and did not want to go back to sleep. It felt like my soul was getting pulled out of my own body.

So please if you have any idea of what that might have been or cause that can you please answer. I know this might sound weird and “baby like” but it was really scary at that time.

This didn’t happen just once it actually happened twice when I came back home after some time.


Asked by Alika