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Seeing A Ghost In Color

Hello, I’m writing to you for I need your help.

This morning around 2 am (I have motion lights in my house) the light came on and I thought it was my husband moving so I pulled my covers over my head. I then heard a voice that said I need to talk to you. In my mind I was saying I don’t feel like talking I’m tired. Then my blanket was pulled from over my head.

I opened my eyes and saw a man kneeled down beside me looking at me. He was wearing a navy blue sports jacket a light blue shirt with a black white and red stripe tie. He looked Indian (not native American ) and I could see all of his features of his face but when I looked into his eyes they were black.

I wasn’t scared at first until I looked at his eyes and I knew I was wide awake because I could see my bathroom light on up stairs so I turned to wake my husband up and I yelled my husbands name because I got scared. The man looked at me again and finished by the time my husband woke and grab me.

I know I’m not going crazy I just need to understand what I should do. I’m not afraid of it I just want to know what did he want to talk to me for. Please help.

Asked by Monique Love

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Hello Monique,

Did he look like anyone you knew? Did you describe him to your husband and ask if he might know him? He might just be a wandering ghost looking for someone to help him, and he might never come back.

If he came back, would you want to talk to him? He might tell you why he’s a ghost. He might ask you for help, or for something impossible. He might only be doing it to feed from your energy. You might have already given him some simply by being frightened and yelling to your husband.

Why he would want to talk to you .. he might think you are someone that he knows, or someone who can help him. He might know he is ‘lost’ and wonder where he is. Or, as I said, he’s just hungry and feeds on negative human emotions.

It would be better if he spoke to someone who knows how to protect thesmelves from having their energy taken. Do you know of any mediums who might come and check your house out? They could easily have a conversation and then help him cross over into heaven, which is where he should be, rather than hanging around the living. You could also do it either by waiting for him to come visiting again, or by doing this now.

Bring his face to mind, or whatever you best remember and say this: “Archangel Michael, please Find the man I am picturing in my mind and Take him into healing”. Your guardian angel knows what to do. They will find the man wherever he has gone to and have a chat with him and cross him over into the place of healing we all go to when we die, if we don’t choose to become ghosts.

If I can help with anything else, you know where to find me.

Wishing you a good day,
Love & Peace