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Is A Ghost Or Spirit Able To Cause harm To The Living?

I cant sleep right now because I have a very like awkward feeling of fear and in some spots of my room its warm and in others its freezing.

I was just wondering if a ghost or sprit would be able to cause harm to the living because I’m getting the very strong vibe that its evil or mad and I just wanted to pretty much know if I’m safe.

Asked by brentyn

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Hello Brentyn

The answer is ‘usually only to scare them’. Ghosts feed on human negative energy, so they love it when we feel frightened. If we don’t feel frightened they might move on to find someone else to bother.

Is there anyone else living with you that is experiencing odd things happening? It’s good to talk to your family about this, if you live with them.

In the meantime, clear your home, so that you don’t have to feel frightened.

At the bottom of this webpage are two links “The Michael Invocation” which is used to clear negative entities out of the house, and “White Light Shields” which we use to make them stay out. Go and read the webpages, and follow the instructions, and then you can go back to sleeping better.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
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I dont know if I did the reply thing right, i’m really computer illiterate! But pls read when you get a chance. I feel so helpless with this evil thing in my life. I try not to feel fear and realize that God is stronger. But i just need to know how to get rid of it and what i’m dealing with. I have no idea except a bad feeling that I’m too afraid to say. Thank you for replying.

I have experienced an evil spirit which is NOT a ghost. Its important to know they are entirely different things.
An evil or demonic spirit has never been human and wants to cause chaos and torment in your life.(misery loves company). Unfortunatly for you, you are one of us who are sensitive to the paranormal. It has its good points as well as bad. If you have shared your experiences with your loved ones you probably have been told how crazy you are. dont blame your family for their ignorance. Most people are not like us.
Now to make it leave, you must have faith in God. Open several bibles to the 21st psalm “the lord is my shepard” place one in each room preferably. Muster up your faith and walk through your home commanding the spirit to leave. Be stern and sure of yourself. God tells us that anything asked in the name of Jesus will be done.we have the ability to command angels in Jesus’ name. Remember demons are fallen angels.If you walk thru your home commanding all evil to leave in jesus name. Say this is my house and i want you gone. It does work. Until you force it to leave it wilL would rather be here than hell so it wont leave on its own.
As you live with your gift you will begin to recognize it is a gift. You can read people and recognize their motives and much more. Good luck have faith and you will see you have power over evil.good luck.

Yes, they CAN hurt you physically because that is what has been happening to me. I’m not sure exactly what is in my house, all i know is that it is evil. I’ve been awakened at 3 am without being groggy like you should, and have pain in my hand. i’d look down and there would be razor like cuts there that I didnt have when i went to bed and also have had black and blues on the same hand. We’ve had a paranormal team come in but they don’t really know what it is either. They suggested a poltergiest, but I’ve been in contact with a producer of a paranormal show on tv and he said that it def does not sound like a poltergiest to him. I wished that someone could help me. But to answer your question, ABSOLUTELY YES, they can hurt you!

Hello Annette,

Ghosts don’t usually cut people. How deep are the cuts, how long did it take you to heal? How often does it happen? Are they scratches and seem to be gone by the end of the day? Is it always the same hand? And just to eliminate all possibilities, do you have a cat?

Poltergeists do not scratch or cut people. Poltergeists are bundles of energy, not entities with any particular intelligence. Ghosts can have poltergeist behaviour .. tossing things around and making noises .. but they are not poltergeists. Demons can do the same, and are more likely to scratch and hurt people than ghosts are. A ghost has to have been dead for a very long time, or be very angry, to do any sort of harm, and its more likely pushing than cutting and bruising.

The answer for you is the same as Brentyn, there’s the Michael Invocation at the bottom of this page. Read the page, use the Invocation to first clear your energy, and then again to clear your home. That should settle things down. If not, there’s a link on that page with my email .. you can write to me and I’ll see what I can sort out.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Thank you for answering! The cuts last’s about a week until they heal. They were happening almost everyday in sept and oct of 2012, now they happen less often, but it’s still scary for me. I dont have a cat. The cuts are about 1/2 inch long, they look like a razor cut. Once when i was reading in bed, my husband was beside me. I felt a burn on my lower left leg, so i moved the covers over and a razor like cut appeared right before both of our eyes. My husband was so freaked out as I was. He has an addiction, so maybe it would be better to write to your email. He’s in counseling for it but doesnt seem to be helping. Ive been trying to get him the right help for it for a long time. The paranormal team told us that his addiction is possibly the reason that i’m getting injured. I’ve also had black and blues appear out of nowhere. I’ve had things moved and found in odd places, but mostly it would just disappear forever. I looked online and I read something about ‘asporting’ which is object disappearing and never found again. The cuts aren’t real deep, but deep enough that it takes a week to heal. I have scars from them. I actually left my husband over this because i thought that he was taking my things as a control measure, to stop asking about his addiction. I left him in oct of 2012. Things got even worse after I left him. That is when most of the injuries occured. I thought it was him breaking into my house and hurting me. Also, for example, if i’d put something down in the kitchen, the next day, i’d see that it was either gone or moved and in it’s place would be a picture of me as a child, I was molested by my oldest brother. I dont remember much of it thank god, but it seemed like this evil thing would mock me by taking somethinng of mine, then leaving a picture of me when i was molested. I kept taking those pictures back to the box in the closet that i had them in. But everyday, those pictures would be in differant parts of the house. So much has happened to me that it’s hard to remember it all. I did buy a safe that had a combination lock to it. I put alot of my jewelry in it along with some expensive perfume. Got up the next day, opened the safe and inside was a small plastic tray that i had some makeup in the bathroom, but inside were two pennies, driveway gravel and dirt. I swear to god, i was stunned. I waited until my 25 yr old son came up to visit me and i showed him that. He was freaked out. I remember too, the second day i slept at the other house that i was moving into, i was on the floor as my bed wasn’t there yet, in the middle of the night, i felt a soft carress on my spine, in between my shoulder blades. I was so scared that i couldnt even turn around. I thought that it was my husband, who broke in. I thought that he missed me and that he touched me, but it wasn’t. My son told me that his dad was home the night before because he checked his mileage on his car. Also, when my son DID bring my bed up, i was looking under it one day to see if i could find some of my belongings, i was looking under my bed and saw what looked like a dead animal embedded into the carpeting. I reached under the bed to pull some out and it looked like fur. It was brown and dry, so i threw it in the garbage, but the rest is still there. The paranormal team came and took pics of it and they said the same thing, that it looked like an animal. I cleaned that bedroom well before my son brought my bed up. It wasnt there before. When my son saw it, he agreed and said mom, that wasn’t there when i put your bed up. There is so much more to tell and i’d love to share more of what happened to me. We did a cleansing with sage and prayers, but it didnt help.I even went to our priest and he blessed the house but that didnt help either. I told him all that happened to me and he said that if it continies, to let him know and he will go to the dioces with it. I just remembered another incidence, about 3 weeks ago, i was in my clothes closet in the bathroom, i noticed that there were pants hangars on my tops. My husband was in the bathtub at the time, so he saw it too. I reached in and pulled out 18 tops that had clip pants hangars on them. We couldtn believve it. I didnt put those on my tops! I can’t thank you enough for the reply I just want my life to be back to normal again. This thing seems to know what i love the most in my life because that is what it targets. When i get the time, i’ll email you if you dont mind. I’d give anything to get to the bottom of what is going on in my life, Now that my huasband knows that it’s paranormal, he’s been having stragne things happen to him now. he’s a CDL truck driver. Once he checkesd his wallet and his medical card was gone, he asked if i took it out and i said no why would i do that? He actually had to go to his dr to get another one in case he;d ever be stopped by a cop. A few weeks later, i was putting laundry away and inside his handkerchief drawer was his medical card! I didnt touch it, i waited until he got home from work and took him upstairs and told him to open the drawer, and he was floored. He said that it waasnt there the night before because he got a handkerchief out of that drawer that night. I’ll write more in your email if you dont mind. I have pics of my injuries also because after i left my husband, and thinking he was breakig in my house at nights and hurting me, the security team took pics at the hospital when i went down one night. I can’t thank you enough for reaching out to me. I feel so alone with no answers here. God bless, Annette

I forgot to tell you how we came to the conclusion that it was paranormal. After 3 weeks of me living by myself after leaving my husband, I got a home security system put in. I went to bed that night with the alarms on thinking all would be ok . I put my ciggarettes on my nightstand along with a set of clothes that I was going to wear the next day. I got up in the morning and both were gone. I immediately went to check the alarm system and it was still on. I checked all the doors and windows, all were locked. I then called my husband and asked him to come up to talk. That is when he told me that he had an inkling while i still lived with him that this was something paranormal but he didn’t want to tell me that thinking that i’d say that he was just using that as an excuse to get him off the hook of where all of my belongings went. So he didn’t say anything. I knew then, that he was right, so i came back to him and our house. Things still are going on here. So this activity started at the house, then i left and moved out into another one. It got worse there,but then i had no idea that it was paranormal so it probably was having a ball with me. I used to shake and cry when i’d find my things gone or things that would happen that didn’t make any sense, as in the safe with the combination lock and the white tray that had dirt, gravel and pennies in it. And after i came back home, it was about 2 weeks later, my son went out for the night. He had a handgun in a holster under his bed. He came home late that night and we were in bed. The next day my son asked me why did his dad take his gun out and put it ontop of his bed? I said that i dont think his dad did that because he was with me watching tv that night. He said that not only was the gun out but there was even a clip of bullets laid beside the gun! I was so freaked out over that as was my husband. To this day we have no idea how these things happen. I have a jewelry box in a spare bedroom. I always check my jewelry everyday just to see if things are missing. I keep a set of rosaries in the middle hook where the neclaces are hung. Many times when i’d open up the jewelry box, that crucifix would be hanging upside down! I know that something very evil is here and i dont know how to get the help i need. I pray and pray to God everyday. I’ve used sage, white candles, st michael prayers, the lords prayer, ect. If you have any inkling of what were dealing with, pls help me. God bless you for caring enough to reply. Annette