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Screaming Sounds In The Middle Of The Night

Hello, I have awoken multiple times in the middle of the night, split seconds before I heard a blood curdling scream. My boyfriend never hears it.

We have two dogs and I have only seen one dog react to the sound, one time. I am a little worried.

I have been trying to debunk it but I have heard many different sounds and voices before. I know there is something in the house. I am not for sure how to go about this but I am starting to get a little worried.

Our house was built in 1970 and we are currently just renting. Any help would be nice.

Thank you.

Asked by MaKenna

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Hello MaKenna,

Scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home. You can also check out the White Light Shields .. the house shield will keep entities out of the house.

Personally, I believe you might be hearing noises from the astral plane just as you wake up. The majority of people ‘astral travel’ without being conscious of doing so. In the astral there are all sorts of strange noises and entities, including ghosts, and other things that scream .. there might be something in your home that is doing this, which is why I suggested the Invocation. That should settle things down.

Love & Peace

That happends to me sometimes, but I discovered I was having a Sleep Paralisis. That makes you see and hear stuff that isn´t really there. And you just have to be a little bit sleepy to maybe expirience that. Or maybe you are a sensitive, and someone or something is trying to reach out for you.
good luck!

The house it quite old. Try to discover it’s history that whether something significant happened or not. It might shed some light on the issue.

In my college dorm I have seen shadow people and last night while i was in bed i heard an otherworldly bloodcurdling scream between midnight and 1 am…no one else heard it…What should I do?