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My Haunted Mirror

Hello, I need to know why I’m seeing entities all around my house. when we were kids me and my sister both used to see someone else reflection in the mirror looking back at us but we were too young to know any different. As we grew up we just forgot all about it until recently when me and my sister started noticing faces of ghosts around the house and orbs everywhere. The scariest thing is the end bedroom, every night we see faces that look like demons in this round mirror we have and we see dozens of eyeballs appearing and looking around the room then staring right at us.

We also see lots a faces that are extremely large. I don’t know if we have some kind of portal in our house but what ever this haunting is, I’ve never heard of anything like it ever on any website and I’ve never even heard of any stories about mirrors that have eyeballs appearing and looking at you. It sends chills down my spine every time I see them. I mean what creeps me out is where are they coming from and what’s on the other side of that mirror. its like a portal to hell.

Me and my sister have been using our phones to record what we see in that mirror at night. We have lots of short videos where you can see demonic faces in that mirror appearing and disappearing and we have also got recordings of lots of giant eyeballs in the mirror looking around the room, we also keep seeing the face of an old lady in the mirror and we recorded a floating head infront of the mirror looking at his own reflection. ok that’s enough for now. if you want to see the recordings I have just get in touch. ok thankyou, bye for now

Asked by Mark

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That certainly most likely indicates the presence of a portal. Do you own a crucifix? You may want to invest in one, or call a priest to come check the house out. Would you mind posting so said videos? Possibly email them or YouTube or such?