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Repeated Knocking, Baby Pointing At 3:00 AM

hi guys, sorry for my bad English before hand.

something strange happened to me and I wanted to hear your thoughts on it.

It happened while I was babysitting my baby brother.

Well, this night he just got up and started crying  really drastically like he was scared and asking for dad and mom. Naturally thats what babys do so I didn’t put that much thought into it.

but what scared me happened about 5 to 10 minutes later.

There was this knocking on the front door. Which I thought was my parents. The knocking was really loud and constant, till right before I opened the door.

When I opened the door the door was sucked opened and pulled from my hand, like I literally felt the force, and this huge gust of wind enter the house enough to actually gave me enough pressure to step back a little. and at that exact moment too I suddenly got this horrible feeling and got goosebumps and stood paralyzed there for a few seconds.

Now if that was all that happened I would have just shrugged it off thinking it was the wind and vacuum and stuff when I opened the door that pulled it open.

But after the door was open my baby brother stuck out his hand and kept pointing towards the door and started crying incredibly terrified and I mean really terrified and also he was slowly moving his hand as if he was pointing at something and it was slowly walking inside right next to us.

At that point I quickly closed the door and  ran towards my room and turned on all of the lights. I also tried putting my brothers hand down and stopping him from pointing but he kept putting it up and pointed towards the door of my room then he moved it as if someone walked from the door then came next to us. So slowly to the left then when it was straight it he moved it more to the right till he was pointing right next to me and the whole time he had this terrified look on his face and crying and usually when he cries he cries asking for my  parents. but he was just horrified he didnt say a word he just cried ever since I opened the door. thats when I decided to call my  parents and ask them when are they gonna get home and I saw that it was exactly 3:00AM.

Now I’m not one to believe something unless it happens to me or I see an actual proof of something but my brother`s reaction  the constant knocking on the door and the 3:00AM? not to mention that strange wind that pulled the door open and closed it back.

It kinda freaked me out a bit and I was wondering if anyone has a explanation or have experience something like this before.

ps: the knocking wasn’t cause by the wind moving the door, it was really knocking, the sound was so clear. and also since the front door barely moves and also it has a different sound when moved abruptly its impossible to have been it.

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Hi Skiriboo

How old is your brother? Could he describe what he saw? Small children are often more closely connected to heaven, until after the age of seven years, so they can see things that others cannot. Being one of those kids, I feel a great deal of sympathy for him.

The entity who knocked and came in the door could simply have been an irritating ghost. They like to scare people, because they feed on the energy of fear. So it wanders around in the room where your brother can see it, and gives you both a fright. You did the right thing calling your parents. I hope they came home soon. Did you tell them what happened?

What you haven’t done is tell me how it stopped? Is your home still haunted?

Love & Peace