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Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Is There Something Wrong With Me ?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone can help me out..

When I was young, 5 years old my parents told me I acted strangely. I would sit in a corner and stare up in the weirdest places in our childhood home. To this day (age 29), I walk into that house and weird things start to happen.EVEN in my own house!

My family were asked to spend the night at my parents house, due to it being late. My husband agreed.

It was 1:48 am we were laying in living room floor , my 2 children were sleeping on the couches beside us. All of a sudden the kitchen light /fan fixture smashes onto the floor in kitchen. Bathroom light gets turned on , so my husband and I walked out there to see what happened…


husband walked out of kitchen and enters the living room again. I go to bathroom to turn off light , the door slams shut on me.

The kitchen cabinets start opening and slamming shut. Kitchen door that heads outside opens.

I got freaked out.

I layed back down ignored everything.

All the water taps were turned on even up stairs in my parents room.

We left once kids woke up.

I called my mom to see if anything had happened since we left. Mom answered “no”.

This kept going on for the longest time..

It seemed to happen ONLY when I was there.

My little sister ended up having a baby boy.

Mom and dad wanted me to come over, said we need to show you something.

My family had spent the night there for the second night of my nephew being home.

Again, weird stuff was happening but this time it was an all day event. Dad and I decided to put a video camera on computer desk and let it record all night long.
My husband and I were on the computer, looking up stuff, when something grabbed my husband. He ignored it Thinking it was me, I left the room and once again it grabbed his shirt and tugged downwards. Now he was a little worried. I came back into the room he was laying on the couch telling me hes done for the night. I turned off the computer for him and all of a sudden the door to go to the sun room flung open hard. I shut it.

I got really cold and ill feeling.

The light started to flicker. then my nephew started to scream. I ran up the stairs and he stopped. He was sound asleep. I went back down stairs grabbed a drink from kitchen and sat in living room on the chair.

We have a shit-zu dog who was sitting at the entrance way of the staircase to go upstairs.

He was itching he backside, when he stopped abruptly, and looked in towards the kitchen entrance , in a stare.

All of a sudden he barked and ran up stairs fast!!


That’s all I heard as something was making its way up stairs FAST AND LOUD!

My nephew started to scream badly..

My parents woke up I ran up stairs..

and his legs were lifted over the side rails and his butt wasn’t toughing the crib mattress only his upper back and head were..

I grabbed him and he slept on my chest all night in living room..

The next morning we watched the recorded video.

Everything was caught on tape..

Including a scrapping noise, heavy breathing and this thing that was dragging his body by his 2 front arms going thru the entrance heading upstairs FAST!! And then my nephew screaming withing split seconds..

Dad has had enough.

He called the priest. The priest asked for everyone to be at the house when he was there. He was there to bless the house.

He started in the kitchen. Dad, my husband and I were all standing there.

All I remember is the priest assistant asking if I was ok and I answered “yea”.

They said I was white as a ghost and I was trembling, then all of a sudden I puked everywhere.

My husband took me outside, they priest continued.

It was about 15 minutes and I told my husband, you need to go upstairs and tell them to get out of my childhood bedroom.

He said they aren’t there. He went inside , and their they were , Dad knew instantly that I knew they were in my room.. Which is my nephews bedroom.

They left after they were all done with the house.I left too for I felt REALLY sick.

To this day weird stuff happens at my house and at my Parents house, BUT ONLY when I am present..

I do not know why these things happen when I’m around..

I need some answers.. and all I’ve been finding is fake stuff..

Please if anyone knows anything, please reply. My children are getting really freaked out now..

Thank you in Advance..

Asked by Jackie

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Hi Jackie,

To begin with I thought you had an over-abundance of telekinetic energy and was creating your own poltergeist (that means a noisy ghosts in German), or perhaps a daemon – which is an entity created to obey certain commands that can occasionally get out of hand. The first will disappear when the person creating the energy calms down, or matures, and the second can be undone .. but it could also be a ghost that thinks it owns you, given its behaviour, or a demon – though that doesn’t happen very often.

If you would prefer to continue this conversation in private, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow through the link Sacred Gates – Ama Nazra and you’ll find my email address on that webpage. I have to go away until Monday, but I’ll answer after that.

In the meantime, if you want to continue here, I would like to know if the priest prayed over you personally .. not just the entire family? And why you went outside, apart from throwing up. I would have thought the first thing the priest would do is pray over you, because of what happened. The entity is obviously following you around .. so I now suggest you use the Michael Invocation to clear your energy (you’ll find the link to that at the bottom of this webpage too), just to start with .. then go to the webpage at the bottom of the Michael page and follow that through until you come to the webpage for Heart of Fire and use that one as well. Read all the information on the pages, and about Spirit Rescue etc on my personal site Sacred Gates.

Otherwise, email me. I might be able to help as well.

The Michael Invocation has cleared more difficult energies than you have experienced for over 16+ years I’ve had it on the web. It will help you too.

Love & Peace