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Red Man In Old Mob Suit

Me and a friend have seen the same entity 20 years apart in different states over 1000 miles away.

I’m wondering if anyone has info or have seen a red man wearing an old mob looking suit with a creepy smile.

My friend saw him hours before his grandmother passed in Texas and I saw him in north Carolina in an extremely active haunted house

Asked by john

One reply on “Red Man In Old Mob Suit”

It could be a ghost that you guys saw. You can ask Archangel Michael to FIND the red man you saw wearing an old mob looking suit and TAKE it into healing. That’s if you want to try and get rid of it.
Maybe the man is hanging around you guys, but that simple request to Archangel Michael can help. There is also the White Light Shields and Michael Invocations on the ‘Pages’ section down at the bottom of this webpage. The shields prevent the man or others from being around you guys and the invocations removes the man and others.