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How Old Can A Ghost Be?

I was reading about ghosts. It’s interesting to know how old a ghost could be.

There are stories where it says a ghost can wander for 500 years. I dont think a ghost can wander for that long. I’ts just an astral body which should be equal to age of the persons physical body.

What you say? How old could a ghost be?

Asked by jack

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Hi Jack,

I used to run ‘rescue circles’ where a group of us would gather together to draw ghosts in and send them into healing. One night we crossed over a very angry Japanese lady who had been dead over 600 years. I have crossed over ancient Egyptians, medieval monks, see ghosts from far earlier periods while traveling in England .. so yes, a ghost can be over 500 years dead, and they can stay a ghost until either they start looking for heaven, or someone like me crosses them into it.

The astral body is just one small part of a person, which should dissolve before the person crosses into heaven. It is not what becomes the ghost. The spirit of the person becomes a ghost if they choose not to cross, the ego remains attached to the spirit, like a cage we all walk around in .. the ego does not want to dissolve, as the rest of the energy of the persona does when we die. It, and the astral body, are simply a part of what makes up ‘this’ particular version of our true selves.

Love & Peace