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  1. September 1, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Ama Nazra


    Hello Nancy,

    If you are saying the Invocation for a child under 13 years then yes, you could do it for all of you together, but the request only takes a minute, so doing it for ‘each’ person separately is worth spending the time. Also an adult has to choose to be free of a ghost, so unless the person is mentally disabled in some way, they really have to exercise their free will and choose to do the Invocation for themselves .. that doesn’t mean I don’t do it for others, but usually only with their permission (a parent for a child over 13 who ‘isn’t into this stuff, mum!), or the permission of someone they know (like my daughter ringing me from a pub and asking that I clear her energy and the energy of whichever friends are with her because they have all just been ‘slimed’ by something passing through the building? I’ve done that a few times LOL)

    In an emergency situation(eeek its a ghost!) wrap a white light shield around everyone and then clear the ‘house’, then clear each person separately, just to make sure its not attached to anyone in particular.

    Love & Peace

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