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Missing Medication

Hi. This is strange and I am not crazy. For my birthday my mom and I took a night tour of the Jefferson city prison in Missouri. It is no longer in operation and offers haunted tours.

The rules state that all bags will be searched before you enter the place. I used a clear makeup bag as my purse that night. In my purse were a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, my car fob, a bottle of Benadryl, and a child proofed prescription bottle of Xanax. I had filled the prescription that day and had not needed to take one. The bag never left my arm and was never opened until we got back to the hotel room after the tour.

Here comes the crazy part. While unpacking the bag I noticed that the Xanax bottle was opened and spilled in the bottom of the bag. I counted the pills that were left and 30 of the 60 were missing. That is exactly half of my pills. I thought there might be a hole in the bag so I filled the bathtub and submerged the bag and zipped it closed under water. there were no drips coming from the bag even when turned upside down.

My question is this, How does a child proofed bottle open itself and where did my pills go? My Mom wants to go back but I am having second thoughts. Is it safe to be there? What happened to me? Is this a common thing to have happen? Thank you.

Asked by gloria

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This sounds familiar to me. Now, this is from my own experience and from that of my friends. When I was a lot younger I spent a period of time using Xanax. Numerous times I would have memory lapses but not be aware of it. My memory would be clear as to what happened but when I talked with friends I would discover that I was missing chunks of time. I also argued with others different times about how many pills I had left. I would accuse people of stealing them or I would search around thinking I had lost them but a friend would insist that I had already taken them or that I had given some away. I know of other people who experienced Xanax the SAME way.

I can not say that this is what happened to you but just offering some info from a person who, at one time, was very well acquainted with Xanax.

Hello Gloria,

Your bag was searched before the tour? Did you open the zip bag and show the contents to the person searching or did s/he take it from you and open it themselves? I know you wrote the bag never left your arm, but sometimes we miss a bit like that.

Eliminating that, ghosts can take things, make them vanish .. and if there was a ghost feeling depressed who recognise the tablets, they might have literally reached in, opened the bottle (as they would have to do when they were alive) and helped themselves. Tick that one off as an amazing experience, and leave the bottle at home next time?

Just because a ghost can steal some tablets doesn’t mean they are harmful. They just tend to repeat behaviours they had in life. If the tour guides thought the ghosts in the jail were dangerous, I doubt there would be tours there, so there’s no reason for you not to go back .. and you could have a few words with them about stealing things .. not that I would want those tablets back. In your home, if something goes missing like that, you can ask loudly and clearly to have the things returned .. and you might find them somewhere unusual, like in the fridge, or in the middle of your freshly made bed .. I’ve had things reappear after requests ..

Ghost tours are designed to be fun, and puzzling .. you certainly got the puzzling part.

Love & Peace

I could not imagine that a ghost from there would even know what a Xanax was or that they would do some thing like that then again we never know what ghost are able to do and would do. I have one question though why would you take a clear bag with that many pills in prescription bottle so every one could see what you had? Also as the lady above me said when we are doing some thing fun then some times we dont remember every thing and maybe you did lay it down or some thing I mean who knows but just me I really dont think that a ghost took them also ghost dont think they are just on replay and they would not have planed it out to take half they would have taken the whole thing maybe. I would never take any thing like that with me ever again I mean this time you were lucky and just lost some of them the next time some thing worse may happen do to pill happy folks out there that would kill for some thing like that. Just be careful for now on.

i bou oxy by the tablet .. i have had at least three instances where they magically go missing .. no one would of touched them because i stash them in a hiding spot. i am so mind blown… my memory cant be that bad

I just experienced something similar. Last night was Halloween. I mention this because I live near a civil war battlefield and it’s a pretty old town. I am used to having ghosts around and the occasional weird occurrence. Around Halloween every year they seem to be more active and I will find my indoor decorations or other stuff moved or posed in a slightly different way (for example I had a skull and a fake jack-o-lantern sitting next to each other with some space between them on a shelf. One morning I found them turned facing each other and moved close together like they were kissing). I know this is not a roommate as I live alone. I thought the “ghosts” had been unusually quiet this year around Halloween. Nothing moved or messed with. Then last night on Halloween, I was getting my pills ready for this morning (I take a lot of meds due to several chronic illnesses). I remember distinctly putting them in the box for today (Wednesday) and noting that I was running low on one medication so I should call my Doc in the morning. Anyway long story short, when I went to take my pills this morning they had vanished out of the box! I thought they may have spilled out and I checked everywhere…no loose pills to be found anywhere! Nothing else was touched. I even have a left over bottle of Percocet from a surgery I had earlier this year and it wasn’t touched at all, so I know it wasn’t someone breaking in and messing with my meds (I know that sounds insane, but I had wondered). I checked all the doors and windows and all were shut, locked, and bolted. WTF….

Hi Charlotte,

I guess whichever ghost was visiting you on Halloween didn’t like medications. Ask for them back in a nice clear determined voice, and you might end up finding them somewhere unusual .. like in the laundry cupboard, on your freshly made bed .. or in the fridge. I once found a little pouch I had ‘lost’ (out of my handbag overnight) in front of the dryer, 3 days after it vanished.

Weirder things have happened. LOL
Love & Peace

My medicine came up missing also ive suspected that my home has energies also 2 to 3 times my meds came up missing I blamed it on the person in the house with me however in time I knew this person would never take my medicine or anything else I keep my medicine in a safe now I know this has happened to other people it confirms my thoughts about this energy and my meds missing are connected.

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