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Please Help Me To Understand Strange Feelings And Sounds

Hi I’m Sharry can you please help me to understand my experience? In every house I stayed there’s always a strange feeling which I can’t understand.

Almost every night I can hear various sounds like strumming the guitar, a pair of footsteps walking around, knocking on the door when no body is awake.

Even my visitors, they can see something in my house. I don’t know why this happening to me.

Thank you

Asked by Sharry

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Hello Sharry,

Do you mean every house you have lived in, and all the houses you visit, as if the feelings and sounds are following you around? Or do they happen only in the house you are in at the moment. You might have a ghost attached to your energy, if its always the same sounds sounds in all the different houses, or your house is haunted. Or you could be sensitive to haunted houses, and hear different things at different sites.

I pick up on the energy in all the different sites I visit. I had a strange one last night. I think I must have picked up a ghost when I came out of the pub. We had gone to a Lion’s Club Handover Dinner and by the time I got home, about 10 minutes later) I was feeling ready to have a heart attack, or at least an anxiety attack .. my heart was pounding and I was getting short of breath .. so I cleared the house and the feeling went away .. so did the ghost. I make sure they are crossed into heaven.

Was it at the pub, or here at home, I am not sure .. either way, its not here today.

What do you want to do if you do live in a haunted house? I suggest the house be cleared for three reasons – ghosts feed off human energy, which makes us very tired, and can influence human emotions, which can make us ill, or do stupid things .. the third reason is that all lost souls deserve to find peace and healing.

Love & Peace

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