Do Demons Appear Like Animals Or Insects?

I don’t know if it is my imagination or not, but just about every night, when I wake up I see a big spider on the wall across from my bed. Sometimes it climbs up the wall and other times it floats toward me and I sit up in bed and it disappears. I wonder if I’m really seeing it or imagining it?

I have burnt sage and have recited the Michael Invocation and told it to leave, but it hasn’t yet!

Asked by Nancy

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Hi Nancy,

The ones I would catch sight of .. some days all day, some at night, were about 14 inches across and very fat – they were illusions from my own mind being used to try and frighten me. In the end all I learned not to be frightened of spiders. 🙂 I said that out loud one day, very calmly .. thanked whichever entity was creating them .. and they stopped.

Demons feed on fear, so do ghosts. They will feed your mind with images that make you fear things, if they can. When we choose to stop paying attention, or, like me, turn it into a positive experience .. there’s no point in them doing it anymore.

The Michael Invocation removes attachments. Images like that are not attachments, they are ‘illusions’ as I said. I would ask the Michael, instead, to remove whatever entity was creating them and send it to the feet of Jesus for healing.

Sage is lovely, it changes the energy of a house but it doesn’t remove entities that want to hang around. They just wait about until the house goes negative again. And we all create negativity, just with grumpy thoughts. Learning to control the energy we create is very important, so that we don’t create things we can fear .. like the spiders.

Next time you see it smile .. say ‘bye’ and go back to sleep. Either that or get a can of fly spray and put it beside the bed. A visual recognition of your determination not to be bothered by it any longer.

Love & Peace

Thanks Ama,
I’m trying to do what you said and I’m not really afraid of them, but it is annoying.
Last night I had a spider on the pillow next to my head. I have to admit I jumped when I saw it, but I just brushed it away and it vanished, so I know it isn’t real. There seems to be more than one now. The biggest one stays on the wall, but the small ones come up close.
I have recited the Michael Invocation every night before going to bed and even put my Bible on my end table next to my bed. Hopefully they will leave soon.
Thanks again! 🙂

Mine went on for months, Nancy. It was very hard to mistake a 14 inch spider for a real one, but I treated anything about spider side with caution. Yes, its irritating .. then I realised that irritation is a negative emotion, so being amused or passive ‘fed’ my haunter nothing, instead of my irritation. Nowadays I see spiders and tell them they have an hour to get outside, otherwise its the flyspray. LOL

Love & Peace

Demons can be see as what ever they want. But it sounds like it might just a spider. I have many times hit a bug away and had it “disappeared”.
But if other signs appear proving it to be something more, I would suggest a cleansing and an Exorcism by a professional, Preferably a priest.
Do not attempt to do a exorcism by yourself. You could just make worse than before.
And just because you have a bible next to your bed doesn’t mean you’ll be safe. sorry if that’s an uncomfortable thought but it is true.

faith. You can’t depend on the bible but believing that God will help you…. a.k.a. knowing that God will help, will help, one word of your mouth, full of faith in God and Jesus will remove anything, don’t be so doubtful and skeptic, don’t let fear guide you. Remove that serpent from you people, the bible does help but not by holding a bible, reading and understanding the bible and what you need in life, you all have the authority, change your ways, battle within yourself to change yourself and then see if those things happen.
An Angel? What are you talking about? God is in you and next to you all the time, he is your Father, brought you here in life to have life, not to sin and suffer.
Who do you think keeps you safe while you sleep and live? The doors ? No my brothers and sisters, it’s God, He is everywhere 😀 <3
Those battles are your own, battles within, battles with your fears, they are not battles of flesh but of spirit and all those who will recognize that are spiritually helpless will be blessed.
And pray for mercy for the one that is tempting you in faith. <3
Cos it's punishment will be 70 times 7 more severe then the fear, doubt and suffering it caused you.
Pray for it for it suffers from isolation of God, it is eating itself all the time. Pray for mercy for all who are like that, pray for blessing for all that admit and surrender. <3

I had a similar experience the other night, only a took a photo of it. After blessing myself and around me with holy water and praying the Rosary, I felt much peace. Then I proceeded to take this thing (which had an appearance of horns, eyes, and the shape of a demonic like face) of the wall. I believe it was a dead spider. I flushed it after dousing it with holy water. I had already been feeling very anxious that night. And I had heard some odd things that night already. My daughter has been dealing with strong issues with anxiety and depression also. We have been at this house for about 6 years and I have had several issues with this myself. I’m going to have my house blessed soon.

If it is a problem with real spiders, I suggest putting peppermint oil on cotton balls and putting them in the corners of the ceiling and maybe floor. I’m really not sure where they shoukd be placed or how much or long to leave them, but I hear spiders do not like peppermint oil.

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