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Where Do Ghosts / Spirits Go?

Hello, I was wondering, if a ghost/spirit is lingering around and there is no one to see or hear from them.. i.e. a castle for over 300 years.. do they began to fade?

Also, what happens to a spirit that has no energy to feed off of?

Ms. Ama, I remember you speaking of a ghost/spirit that was haunting a place and she was getting very weak because it had been so many years… What happens to a G/S if they have no direction to go and nothing to feed off of for energy?

Just me, Lisa

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Hello Lisa,

In an empty castle they would not probably hang around anymore, if they realised they could travel, they would hunt the living, perhaps starting with family members, or anyone that ‘felt’ familiar to them – and since they are drawn by emotion, that could be practically anyone who shared their fears and phobias. We don’t give them up when we die, until we go through healing.

In an inhabited castle .. they have the people who live and work there to draw energy from, so they don’t so much fade, as perhaps, choose not to interact. The ‘class’ of people who died in the castle might not have anything much to do with someone they see as a ‘servant’. The servants wouldn’t want to interact with the ‘higher born’. It’s only those of us who cross the boundaries, and just appear as either ‘a good feed’, or ‘easy scare’ (same result), or if they become curious about us .. that they will make their presence seen or felt. And ghost hunters, of course, who go looking for either excitement or trouble .. they draw with them all sorts of entities ensnared by that avid curiosity.

When I was at the Tower of London I checked for ghosts quite deliberately. I didn’t know how strongly I had the gift for being able to cross them over, back then, but I made the request that any who wanted to be free of their current circumstances, be freed.

In places like the Tower there are residual energies created by pain and fear, by traumatic events, by exciting ones .. such as from crowds watching the beheadings or hangings. Those fade over time.

I remember Anne Boelyn, the ghost you mentioned .. I ‘saw’ her twice, once as the ghost and once as a residual energy, the memory of her terror as she ran away from her fate. The residual faded, and Anne, I hope she crossed when I opened that gate. The ghost I remember the strongest, was a man with an elizabethean collar .. I don’t remember his name, but I found his face in the lists of ‘people who have died here’ .. or been imprisoned there. He was a ghost but quite cheerful.

If a ghost is so trapped that it does not know that it is free to roam then it just remains. It is caught in time and space, but has no awareness of it passing. It will draw energy from anyone .. or thing .. that comes near it, until a really strong energy source can be found to ‘refill’ its batteries, so to speak. Does that help it wake up to its condition? I hope so. All ghosts should be crossed over, everyone deserves to find peace and healing. If a ghost hunter visits a place like that, then the ghost will be a faint breeze behind them, or an apathetic one .. or it could be so hungry, so desperate for recognition (I remember you) that it will latch onto the living person and go home with them. That’s when its a real problem.

Ghosts never vanish completely, only the memory of them does .. until something stirs it up again.

Love & Peace

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