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Why Am I Drawing Weird Things?

So I know I have a demonic spirit attached to me, if not in me. If you want to know how I know then ask its a lot to explain and I just want the answer to this question right now.

Three times I drew things in a trance like state, a red skull/goat looking thing, a face with no nose red horns bleeding red eyes and put III everywhere all over the paper, the third one, I don’t know how to explain but it has 9 black candles in it.

Why does it want me to draw these things?

Asked by Danny

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Ok so I am asking how do you know that you have a demonic spirit attached to you? Sounds to me like maybe you have been exposed to things that you dont understand and your sub mind is running non stop and leaking into your awake mind. Your brain is a very strange organ. If there is some thing attached to you then I would seek some sort of cleansing of your body mind and soul if you get the notion to draw dont push it out of your mind and do some thing else that you enjoy doing dont even pick up and pencil those pictures could be giving this thing or things more control over you

Nice answer Queenicess,

Hello Danny,

If it is true that you have a demon, what are you doing to get rid of it?

But the short answer is .. its trying to increase its power over you by scaring you.

What do you go into trances? Did you choose to have the thing there, do you choose to allow it to work through you?

Love & Peace

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