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Orbs in Videos – Is It My Grandmother?

Before I ask my question I need to tell you some background on this story. My Grandmother Ann died 3 years ago. My Grandfather still lives and sleeps in the same bed that she passed in. I see and feel strange things in the home all the time.

This past Thanksgiving 2014 I was taking video with my cell phone of my nephew (1 year old) during these videos there are very distinct orbs that go through and around my nephew. My Grandmother never had the chance to meet my nephew.

During out visit Elijah (my 1 year old nephew) smiles, waves and speaks to parts of the room where there is nobody near. I just know my grandmother is communicating with Elijah.

My real question is, is there a forum or site I can send a couple videos of these orbs. I would really like a professional opinion. It is strangely comforting, knowing that my Grandmother is around. Especially since she never got to meet Elijah.

Asked by Ashlea

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Hello Ashlea

Was the orb your grandmother? No, but it might have been a sign that she was there, as spirits, when they visit give their strength to everyone around them, and we become more aware in their presence. And they gather the higher, or lighter, energies around them.

IMO, orbs are spirit energy created by the living in most cases. You see, ghost don’t produce energy, they inhale it. Spirits energy, human who have crossed into heaven after they die, don’t need to produce energy .. they are the energy. But humans, who live with their egos, hearts and electrical systems all producing lots of energy, have to do something with it .. so we leave it around everywhere we go, the good and the bad, and it can leave a shadow of ourselves (residual ghosts/memories) of positive, but mostly negative, events.

Elemental beings, nature spirits that we sometimes name ‘fairies or gnomes’ also produce this energy, which feeds the world around them.

So, spirits gather light energy around them, and when grandma came to visit someone took a photo and there was the orb. Was it very dull and shady, or did it have a bright sharply defined ring around the outside and a bright inner light? The first can be created by a flash of light (the flash of the camera) on dust or moisture in the air, the second are true spirit orbs, in my experience.

Love & Peace