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Am I Just Being A Scaredy Cat?

Ever since I was little I was never able to sleep in a room by myself. I remember being so terrified and crying myself to sleep if I was forced to, for me, when I was a child, that was by far the worst punishment.

I am now 19 years old and although I don’t scream when I have to sleep by myself, I still get scared and usually end up sleeping in my siblings room even though I’m the oldest (which is even more embarrassing). I had my window open the other night and I heard and seen a black figure just appear and shoot out of the window. So I quickly shut my window. I get a lot of random thoughts that I know aren’t my own, sometimes they are very bad thoughts. Sometimes they come into my dreams and the dreams are so surreal that I forget I’m dreaming (I’m usually aware in my dreams, that’s its all just a dream) and they scare me so much, that I start praying to archangel Michael.

Some nights I can sleep by myself but most I cant. I get too scared and intimidated. I get high pitch ringing in my ear and sometimes a very intense thumping, vibrating sound that just sends my insane. I never get headaches, EVER! But sometimes for no particular reason I get intense, short lasting headaches.

I’m a homeless kid at the moment, so I move around a lot and the place I’m staying at at the moment makes me forget my dreams. I usually always remember them but now I only remember the bad dreams. I’ve never been pinned down in my sleep before, but I have been twice since I’ve been here. I wake up in fear and I can’t sit up, I try to scream for my sister but nothing comes out.

Asked by Amethyst

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Hi Amethyst

If I was caught in your situation, I would be frightened too, and when we fear that emotion comes through into our dreams.

I have seen entities of all sorts, good and frightening, since I was a baby. I had to learn to protect myself. It wasn’t until I was an adult that the Michael Invocation that you found (also a link at the bottom of this webpage) was written and started to be used around the world to get rid of whatever is haunting people. It works very well. But some people, like me, are often constantly haunted .. so learning white light shields (also a link at the bottom of this page) is a good idea. The personal one will help in other ways too, and may well cut of the other voices you hear in your mind. If it doesn’t, you might have schizophrenia, but you probably already know about that. Use the shields anyway, because we can all be more vulnerable to the unseen when we are not well.

As to shadows shooting out the window .. I would close it too. My husband can see shadow people, they are harmless, flat – like shadows on the wall, and seem to be as curious about humanity as we are about them. Other entities can look like shadows, so, as long as they are going ‘out’ the window, I wouldn’t worry too much about them, and you can leave the windows open when you use house shields (see above).

I hope your situation changes very soon, for the better, and that you find somewhere safe to live. I’ll be asking for that in my prayers for you.

Love & Peace

Thank you ama, I’ve been told I’m a powerful astral projector because I’ve been seeking help regarding my dreams as they’re getting more and more intense.
I seem to travel to a parrallel universe where people are mean and cold and really disconnected from one another!!
I visited a really old 3level house the other night that had lots of activity going on, I remember hearing a piano playing that sent shivers down my spine but there was no piano in the house at all!!! I walked to the bottom level and seen this huge black orb dispersing and retracting spikes and it’s make me hyperventilate and start to cry, I was so frightened that I couldn’t move, the other people in my dream couldn’t see it.
How do I send myself to better places?
I always ask questions but in the bad places I travel too they never answer them, they just always say that they can’t because “they’ll know” or “he’ll know” or “there’s too many of them around”
I remember I was in a market place asking random people for answers and they all ignored me, a lady from a shop came out and told me to hurry inside, sit down and blend in, I then seen the men I was hiding from, they were older men with long coats and short top hats, the lady said to me that if they seen me and knew I wasn’t from there that I’d never return.

Hello again,

Before bed, white light shield yourself and then your home. Tell your mind you are NOT going to astral travel tonight. The shields will help, no matter what – but you might have to do say “I am NOT astral traveling tonight” each night for a couple of times until you retrain your brain and spirit to not send you out when you sleep.

The strange and frightening, and often wonderful, is not unusual on the astral plane. My daughter and I once killed a huge dragon. We stood beside it watching it burn. She rang me the next day to tell me we had done that, so I agreed, because I was there when it happened. Nasty entities exist on the astral, and cities of ignorant people, trapped between heaven and earth .. we know them as lost souls, or ghosts ..

There are dark entities that play games with orbs, or orb shapes. If I saw something like that I would clear the house. There’s a quick version I use – “Archangel Michael, please FIND me and clear the house I am standing in.” The clearing is done, under the floors, in the corners, in hidden places and in the ceilings .. or attic .. inside the roof .. whatever words you want to use. The main part of the request is to ask your guardian angel (from the Michael group .. we all have at least one) .. to FIND you, in a sense ‘protect’ you, which they do anyway, but it gives them more strength, in a sense, when we specifically ask them to. And then I would ask the angel to put a sword through that spiky entity. It then dissolves back to the energy it was created from. Very handy.

Since I have done all of this sort of work over the last 30 years it doesn’t seem strange to me at all, except when I type it LOL.

Oh, and hearing things that are not there, like pianos .. is normal too. You are clairaudient (means clear hearing), and clairvoyant (clear sight/vision). They are gifts, but they can also be a real pain.

Protect your energy and stay home for a while. When you are past the fear, maybe in a year or two, you might choose to start astral traveling again, but not for now. In your case, it might be good if both your body and your spirit had a rest.

Love & Peace

Hi ama,
i’ve done it the past two nights and it has worked, I don’t think i’ve been astral projecting, feels like i’ve just been having average dreams 🙂 x

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