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Voice In The Night

My daughter moved to a new apartment. The first night there she was woken up by a loud squeaking noise in her ears. Only she was woken up, her two children sleeping did not hear anything or stir.

The next night she was woken when someone said “BOO” right in her face, at that time before she opened her eyes she got an image of a woman at her window. She recited the Michael Invocational prayer you mentioned and invoked the white light.

Nothing happened for several nights. A couple of nights ago she heard a knocking on her bedroom wall it also woke the cat who was at the end of her bed.

What do you make of all this?

Asked by Mary

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Hi Mary,

Questions first –

Did she clear the building ‘and’ herself? Did she protect ‘herself’ with shield, or the house? Or both, and the children?

The knocking can be a warning to pay attention, a request to come inside – say no, or caused by some normal occurrence – if it happens again write to me privately and ‘I’ll’ clear her home (my name under Friends goes to an email address).

Otherwise I don’t really have enough information to say what is happening.

Hauntings happen. You can empty a house just to have it haunted again the minute the shields drop. Our house can be like a railway station sometimes, as ghosts come and go. We are so used to it now, we just help those who need it, and let the rest pass through.

If I said this was the new ‘normal’ people might get upset, but the living are becoming more sensitive to the unseen .. its not that there are more ghosts are, we are just more aware of them.

Love & Peace

How does she clear herself? Or clear the house. Nothing so far has happened. She can feel a presence but is not afraid.

Hi Mary,

If the building is haunted, clear the building. If the problem persists, use the same Invocation to clear the person, and anyone else who lives there .. its surprising what a ghost will attach itself to. If she’s done both, contact me via the email address and we can sort it out from there.

We live in a house that is ‘haunted’ from time to time. It’s more like a railway station, ghosts pass through. LOL Not all of them are scary, some are simply lost.

Love & Peace

I get a knock on my bedroom wall every night.
It doesn’t bother me anymore.
Recently I heard someone whistling behind me, while I was on the computer. I turned around and there was no one there. It happened again and I got up and search the house, but the only person in the house was asleep in the other end of the house. It was one high pitch whistle and one low one. I felt like some one was trying to get my attention. It didn’t scare me. I just whistled back. Now I have a whistling ghost in my house! lol


Hi Mans,
How did you come up with this conclusion?If demons,don’t yo think they can be very harmful and won’t leave person alone until they achieve what they want?