Need Help To Get Rid Of A Spell And Possession

Help get rid of a spell to break a couple, and a person taking possession of another

Hi all,

I find this website by chance, I know someone very close to me (my girlfriend, her brother and her wife). They all were victims of a powerful spell, so that it may break us all apart. It does work with my girlfriend brother and her (ex wife now).

My testimony is 100% true, and I swear by God all mighty all I will write is true.

For the last month or so, my girlfriend is been hunted by a tough that don’t leave her night and day don’t give her rest, and she don’t give rest to no one, me or family is something I will not talk about, but almost take her to suicide, and she keep talk about it more often then I would like.

My story is that my parents were victims of a very powerful spell that trow my mom into a very poor state mentally and physical, 16 years ago, in a 13 day, and because I become real strong mentally and not easy break apart, the problem is my girlfriend she is not strong like me.

we try all, from doctors to hypnoses to help her, since before I do not know what she have, but now I am 100% sure and please keep read my words and you all understand why.

Few days ago, she was so depressed, say want finish her relation with me, and say she want finish her life, because we trully love each other, and if we still together is because our love is strong, and I am very strong mentally, but when she behave like this few days ago, me instead of break apart, I fight her back with love and indifference, and eventually what she have start manifest, her face change so as her voice, she look like a monster looking and talking. She was in my home at night, around 11:30pm, and she leave my home and go to her home, after I see that I call her family in emergency and tell them was not her, and was someone else in her, before that happen, I was sure she was not mentally hill, but some dark have take her, and want hurt her, so I was talk to her life if I was talking to that creature inside her, and was this that make it to reveal itself.

She was driving home and call me, and say “i’m not OK, I don’t know what happen to me, my face it change and I can’t SAY THE NAME OF GOD (JEOVA) I push her to say the name of God by phone, and she was unable to do so, I try read the salm 23 to her, and she could not spell it correctly, eventually her brother call her and say for she stop the car that he will meet her, and he did with is family (just to fasten the story) when I get to her her family was already around her and some friend that work in a funerary, and she was not her, the entity was in full pocession, and when confronted with the name of some old witch that sign a pact with the devil, she say it was her, and she reveal in detail things that only that old witch could know, and why she do it. This means a old 90 year old witch that was still living (barely) was in pocession of her body and mind, and could talk trough my girlfriend at will. We try salt on her head, crucifix and religious third, nothing seams to work, only lightly bother her.

Eventually she left her and my girlfriend was free that night, and the beginning of nightmare starts, now the old witch can control my girlfriend almost at will, if she start become depressed or very sad or talk about suicide. we try a mix of all for get her free, but the wich always seams to win, she don’t do nothing evil she just talk say she want destroy our relation, and sometimes she even can talk like a normal person, normal talks inside my girlfriend mind. The witch is powerful do to the pact she do with the devil.

Things 2 days ago become wrost, he get someone to try fix all this, someone with experience dealing with this type of supernatural things, and the wich try many times, enter in my girlfriend (at will) and her brother ex wife, that is the witch niece (i know look like a movie lol) her niece have power, but she afraid of use it, and have her dwelling open (not sure if I say correct). The wich try to enter in her, she can feel her nearby, and me and some other persons by the power of pray and human chain prevent her from enter in her.

Someone that day go to my girlfriend house and do what I may call an exorcism, and DO IS work to my girlfriend, is brother and her wife, because he call her from another house we were few km away, the witch fight hard and scream real loud trough my girlfriend (STOP STOP STOP). and eventually she go away.

well this don’t stop, the man give them salt very large rocks to place on the room corners, and other salt to wash their bodies from neck to bottom, incense, holy water and some thing they might drink, some kind of laxative I guess.

Well the dam witch still controls my girlfriend once in a wile, this starts become crazy, and now I sense her when she around us (weird I know) something I never feel before, like a chill down my spine, the stronger I feel the closer the witch astral body is, and I can only force her to go way pushing my girlfriend to say the name of God, and pray. It work, but my girfriend mind is become worst from day to day, and she can’t fight her alone if im not near, and this is make our life crazy, I discover that true love, pray, holy water and the Our Father pray in aramaic sing make my girlfriend feel better for some time.

But the problem is that her mind is become worst and worst, and the dam witch is entering in her mind and body very easy, and today I need fight hard so that my girldfriend don’t start talk, of finish and suicide, because when she does, I feel the witch and she try enter in her. Other thing I realize when sun fall the spell is stronger and her mind is worst and I need really really to focus not to lose my mind myself.

Well I discover that another person can enter inside another even she still living (she very sick at bed can’t stand up) and not only evil spirits or dead people, this dam weird, and I confess everyone is taking this not so that serious, we don’t afraid of the witch and we even know were she live, and were she live, but we don’t want do something stupid or ilegal to her and worst the situation.

After all of this I am the most open mind you can think about, I study things like this for years so I know a lot about the spirit real, astral plane, ether spirits, demons and all that stuff, I learn a lot from Manly P. Hall lectures and beside that i’m an alchemist so the metaphysics and spirit world not news to me 🙂


Sorry my English

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