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Paranormal Activity And My Twin Brother

Hi, I’m only 16 and I’ve only just started to experience some crazy stuff In my house and I’m clueless on how to stop It. It kept me up all last night and I even slept with the lights on, which Is completely unlike me.

All my life I’ve been told that I’ve had spirits around me and It’s been explained to be my family seeing me due to them passing just before Liam (my twin) and I were born. Which helped a lot, knowing they weren’t around me while I was sleeping to hurt me but to just visit me. My mum has experienced a lot with ghosts and spirits and even feeling her soul/spirit leave her body and float above the bed during her coma that lasted 2 weeks and she claimed It felt like a nights worth of sleep.

My mum and I love scary movies and we have a strong bond over scary stuff. My family believes In ghosts and the passed life but they don’t seem to believe me when I tell them whats happening to me. We moved Into our house 6 months ago. The neighbors say the family that used to live here were very negative people and ended up getting a divorce which lead to the house being up for sale. So we already knew the house had negative vibes. But recently I’ve been experiencing stuff happening. It seems to be only happening to me and me alone. I told my mum and she looked at me like I belong In a asylum.

My experiences involve hearing heavy breathing In the hallway and knocks at my door. I stay up studying around 2 AM and I usually check If everyone’s asleep and I also go to get something to eat. But I now avoid going out of my room after everyone’s asleep because every time I walk back to my room, I can feel someone or something around me, Standing there and breathing heavily.I always bolt it to my room because I’m very frightened after the movies I’ve watched. Lately I’ve been hearing knocks at my door. And at first, I checked who It might be but after a while, I gave up on checking because every time I’d check, No one would be there.

At first I thought It was my siblings playing tricks on me but I checked and they are always fast asleep by 10 PM. The other night It happened around 6:30 Pm and my mum was up and I assumed It was my twin brother mimicking me after I had told them the story of me hearing knocks and hearing heavy breathing. So of course I laughed it off and toke It as a joke but than It kept knocking… I than got up and told mum to tell him to stop mocking me and trying to scare me but Mum said no one has gone pasted her room to get to mine. I asked her If she heard the knocks as well and she said “no one else Is up and I’ve heard nothing”…

I’m to scared to say what’s on my mind and tell It to stop or ask what it want’s from me because I’m scared of the reaction or response I’d get out of what ever It might be. I need your help, I have no clue as to what It might be?

I don’t know weather a Ouija board is out of the question or weather its just my deceased brother trying to communicate to me or weather It’s a sign of death coming my way. Feel like I’m going crazy trying to prove to my family that Its real and not just lack of sleep because It’s the reason I’m not getting sleep.

Asked by Chelsea

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