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Why Did An Apparition Appear In My Kitchen?

Why did a man/apparition suddenly appear in my kitchen?

I wouldn’t say that “strange” things are a regular occurence for me. At my grandmothers funeral, just as the preacher announced my name, an electric jolt hit my heart and spread throughout my body, and shortly after my father passed, as I laid in bed, I felt, what I thought was my husband, petting my head for a few minutes.

As I opened my eyes and realized he was sleeping with his back to me, I freaked out, flipped over to discover no one was there. With those 2 exceptions, I had no other experiences. Then tonight, I walked into the kitchen and a man suddenly appeared walking away from me.

As I watched, he turned around and faced me and smiled. Next second, he was gone. He was young, probably 27? He was dressed in jeans, dark shirt, green/greyish wool peacoat with a scarf. Nothing looked out of place. He kinda resembled the actor, Hayden Christiansen. I didn’t feel nervous, afraid, or anything bad, I felt almost suspended;as if my feelings were paused.

The entire ‘episode’ lasted about 1 minute. Not too long, but definetly not your average, ‘i thought I saw something’, either. He was there! Why would this happen? What is he? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Asked by Ashley

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Could’ve been your dad after he crossed over coming to’s said were all 30 over Sylvia Browne’s book,The Other Side & that should make you feel better.either way,don’t EVER speak to any of them. bad 1s also come in the guise of loved ones.told my husband if I go before him id never come n try n engage him in conversation. Hope you haven’t dabbled in anything dark like Ouija boards,tarot cards or anything like that!that’s just asking for trouble.Then I’d worry.

Hi Kim,

I think tarot cards are fine, Ouija boards are trouble. With the cards, you aren’t trying to connect to a random entity to communicate through a planchette and it doesn’t exactly connect to that “void” place.

Hi Ashley,

If it had been your father you would have recognised him. There’s no point in visiting if the person you love doesn’t know who you are. When my father died he came for a visit, before he crossed into heaven, and I sent him ‘home’ on a kite – created from a good memory that I had of my childhood.

Ghosts haunt houses, people, places they remember, places where a lot of the living hang out, like the supermarket, malls, theaters, pubs. If a ghost is haunting your home, showing himself to you in a friendly fashion is not unusual, but he really should not be hanging around, as ghosts drawn a lot of energy from the living, and can make us all feel very dull, tired and emotional, even if the ghost smiles.

Your grandmother gave you an electric shock. Was she inclined to startle you like that. My grandmother haunted me until I was 29. I didn’t know she was haunting, at the time, but she was there, smiling and watching over me .. and at 17, when I felt like the world was falling apart, she stood beside my bed, stroking my hair, until I calmed down and went into sleep. When she finally crossed into heaven, just before I was confirmed as an Anglican (something she really wanted me to do .. ghosts nag) I mourned for her as if she had only just died, she had been so much a part of my life, there was a vacant space where she had been.

You asked ‘why would it happen’? You are a medium. Mediums see ghosts and spirits. They can look as real as the average person, or look like transparent, or the way they do after they died .. which is not pretty. For most people being a medium means talking to spirit, who are humans who crossed over into heaven after they died, but for some, like me, we see ghosts, and if we are lucky, we can help them cross into heaven .. so that they stop haunting the living – and then everyone benefits.

As to why you saw that man in particular? Perhaps you have some issues in common or he thinks you are cute .. either way, send him Home (heaven). You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of this webpage and following the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that. He’ll appreciate it in the long run. I’ve had ghosts come back as spirits to say thank you .. including a few who very not pleasant ghosts.

AS to tarot cards being ‘dark’ … they are not. They are pieces of cardboard with symbols on them that have certain ascribed meanings, which, when read together, can give the reader some very helpful advice. But I agree with Kim and Micle, stay away from Ouija boards .. they are trouble waiting to happen.

Love & Peace