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My Roommate Heard A Child Talking To Me While I Was Asleep

I am in a deep sleep my roommate is awake, she hears a child talk to me but there is no child in there?

I am hoping to find an explanation about an event that happened last night.

Thing is My friend sleeps in my room in her own bed and I sleep in my own bed. My son was asleep in my grandfathers room. Well I was in a deep sleep and I don’t remember any of this at all but my friend told me that last night between 3 and 4 am she heard a child ask me if I wanted to play and I answered it and said not right now honey  maybe later.  The room was pitch black no TV on or music. she had just laid down and was fully awake.

I don’t know what to make of this. I have seen things out of the corner of my eyes these past couple days but I didn’t feel threatened and I just ignored it. A few days ago I saw a child size black figure out of the corner of my eye running past me back and forth. I grew up in this house most my life nothing has ever happened here other than my grandmothers passing 5 years ago.

I do have a past history of dealing with ghosts in a house I lived in 1998-2007. That house had 4 spirits. A woman on the side of the house would watch me at night walk up to my house. a little girl playing in the front yard and she would play in my baby brothers room. Another female around 20 something would lay in my bed. Than there was the evil man. He was awful he slammed the garage door on me made me fly across the room. banged on the house at 3 am every night shaking the house. He would stare in the windows and scare females and children. He came in my dreams tormenting me trying to rape me. than later a few weeks my roommates told me they had the same dream and same guy.

So I did a house cleansing and he couldn’t come in anymore but he stayed outside making the dogs growl and bark. He would still stare in the windows. We finally moved but none of the spirits followed us thank goodness. My whole life I have been able to feel things. When my grandmother passed away I closed my mind and blocked everything out. She died on Nov 21st 2010 at 10:43 pm in  her room. I don’t feel her. Now though something is trying to get my attention and I don’t know if it is good or bad plus my roommate hearing the conversation I know its not just me and I am not going crazy. 3 am is a bad time to be hearing things, but to have it talk to me while I am in a deep sleep and answer it plus my friend heard it.

What is it? What does it want?

Asked by crystal

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Hi Crystal,

No, you are not going crazy, but you have had some experiences that were terrifying .. but not every ghost is nasty, some are just lost.

My husband says he has long conversations with me when I am asleep. I assume my previous husband did too, since I don’t remember some of what he said I agreed to over the years. When my children asked me a question I would answer too, so a ghost child asking you a question and you answering it .. because you heard it .. doesn’t seem unusual to me. You have chosen not to hear ghosts when you are awake. Given your experiences I can understand and empathise, particularly as you had no training on how to kick the ‘b..tard’ into healing. I know a number of my friends would rather put their hands over their ears and go ‘lalalalalala’ than hear a voice coming from someone they cannot see (who might just be standing in front of them).

From what you have written, the child is obviously around you .. so my thoughts are – did you ever lose a child during pregnancy (I ask because I have a son in spirit who would be 32 now. He pops in for a visit once in a while, one particularly memorable time via a ghost radar talking machine in a street full of ghost hunters. 🙂 We still talk about it. It could simply be that a little ghost child is hanging around you because you remind him/her of his/her mother. Kids love to be loved, even when they are no longer alive.

What I suggest you do is make a simple request to help her find her true mother, or to cross her into heaven, if that is where she needs to be ..

“Archangel Michael, please Find the child who is speaking to me in my sleep and Take him or her into healing”. They are simple words but very effective. The Find command allows the angels to say hello to the child, even if the child decides it wants to remain hidden from them (think of hide and seek), the Take command allows the angel to touch the child on the shoulder and not take their hand off until both of them cross over. While the Michael angels do this rescue, its not your personal Guardian angel doing the work, although it is a Michael also … we all have a guardian behind our right shoulder who stays with us from the moment we are born until they cross with us into heaven, regardless of whether we believe in heaven, angels, a Creator or nothing at all.

And if you are really uncomfortable, scroll to the bottom of this webpage, go to the Michael Invocation and use that to clear your home. That should take care of everything.

Love & Peace

My roommate and I were talking about that today. I did have a miscarriage in 2001. We both said that could be it. I was 3 months and I knew exactly when I lost her a sharp pain went straight from my tummy to my back. The baby didn’t want to leave my body. I did not bleed. The drs made it painful I felt everything saw everything and sat up during.

I am so sorry. I lost my son by miscarriage too, but they are never really gone.

If she’s only visiting the Michael Invocation won’t clear her, because she’ll be a spirit, not a ghost – there is a big difference – but it does no harm to do the Invocation anyway, just to make sure …

.. and then ask her to come to you in your dreams, where you could clearly have a conversation and she can tell you what she wants you to know.

Love & Peace

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