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My Late Grandma In My Dream

Hi all! Probably this question has been asked many times and I think I kind of know the answer but I’d still like to ask.

I had a dream about a week ago, where I generously offered a half a spoon of ice cream to my late grandma and she accepted it! I use this word generously because in my dream, I didn’t know that she had passed away and I gave her half spoon when I should have given her none as you know there’s elderly people issue, should not have ice cream, or will get ill, high cholesterol etc. etc.

It will be 9 months since she passed away this Sunday and she has not once been in my dreams before. She looked a bit chubby, her face was glowing and she was smiling slightly. She did not speak to me, she just motioned and I fed her the ice cream as she was standing, face to face. She didn’t eat the whole ice cream, she just touched a bit with her lips I think, you know like a ‘thanks for offering’ gesture. And then I woke up.

Asked by Shreesa

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Hello Shreesa,

Lovely to think your grandmother has finally come to visit you, and show you that old people can also eat icecream. I know those with diabetes shouldn’t eat sugar of any sort, but never heard of other problems .. and I couldn’t stop my mother eating icecream .. its a staple food around here .. she’s 76.

As you said she looked healthy and happy, which is lovely. If she comes again, give her a whole spoonful. LOL

Love & Peace
Ama 🙂

hahahahahahaha! will do that Ama! hmmm icecream is not a staple diet here so old generation would instead have curd. Anyways, does this mean she has crossed over and she came to tell me that?

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