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Mysterious Hand Print On Stomach

So, I’m 19. I can see these shadow figures (I call them shadows, I don’t know what anyone else calls them), and they’ve been more active lately but it all of a sudden stopped when I found out I might be pregnant. There’s a random one here and there but nothing like how it was before. I still get this feeling someone/something is watching me. I hate being alone in my house now, which is why I’m typically not home.

But here’s the odd part. I went to bed last night with no problem as I had suddenly became very tired. I woke up this morning with a handprint on my stomach. And its bigger than my hand so I know it can’t be mine. But this morning my stomach hasn’t stopped cramping at all. And it kind of burns a little. Also the handprint is male, and my boyfriend wasn’t here. The only person that was is my Mom and she’s smaller than I am.

Any help with this at all please. Even my friend whose really into this stuff more than I am can’t figure this out.

Thanks, Kristine

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Hi Kristine,

How bad are the cramps? A tummy upset can give them to you, or they can be a symptom of a possible miscarriage. Have you been to your doctor to get checked out?

The handprint .. you are not the first to wrote to this site about them, and I have yet to have anyone hurt by having the mark on them, nor do I know ‘why’ its happening so frequently now, but the prints comes in all shapes and sizes .. so perhaps the world energy has changed enough to allow ghosts or spirits to leave some sort of mark of when they touched us .. and being touched is not unusual, we just don’t usually know about it.

Watch your health. And perhaps you might like to use the White Light Shields .. there’s a link to them at the bottom of this page .. to keep entities out of your energy and your home?

Love & Peace

No I haven’t been to the doctor. How can I tell if its a miscarriage sign though? The hand print has only happened that one time. I haven’t had any bleeding at all, and the cramps are gone. Along with the burning feeling as I watched the hand print disappear right in front of my eyes.

If the cramps have stopped and there was no bleeding, it probably isn’t a miscarriage – perhaps just a virus.

Hopefully you will not be revisited, but as I said, it helps to have protection …

Love & Peace

This happened to me this morning my wife woke me up. I woke up went in to brush my teeth and noticed red marks all over my abdomen. When i looked closer i realized it was 1 large hand print and about 7 finger prints. At first i thought maybe it was just me sleeping weird but my wife canceled that out by informing me i slept on my back. Also the figer prints were in all different directions and there was an outline of a smaller hand print on my side in the other direction.

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